Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute Acceptance Rate, Tuition Fee and Admission Requirement.

Hello, dear esteemed reader, today we are going to walk you through Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute Acceptance Rate Tuition fee, Admission Requirements, and all you need to know about Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute Financial Aids, The transfer student requirements with acceptance rate and how to apply in other to boost your chances of getting admission with your next application into the school.

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If you are a student seeking to get admission to Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute, then you need to know some basic important information about the Institute Acceptance Rate, Admission Requirements, as well as how you can apply. Thus, to boost your chances of getting admission, I have made thorough research on the topic to curate this content that will put you through all the things you need to know going forward in your application and admission to Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute.

What is Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute Acceptance Rate?

Lee Strasberg Theater Film and Institute Acceptance Rate
Chart Showing Lee Strasberg’s Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute are otherwise known as LSTFI is 90%. This shows that getting admission into the school will be as easy as you can ever imagine. So far as you meet up with the requirements like the English proficiency test (IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE), and other necessary things that will be mentioned below. Most importantly, you stand a higher chance of having a good acceptance level into Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute if you are a domestic student.

But if you are an international student, the best way to meet up with the LSTFI acceptance rate is to fulfill all the expected criteria. More about this will be discussed in the article below. But before then, let us know brief information about the school’s history, awards, faculties, courses, rankings, and cost of study.





About Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

Lee Strasberg Theatre and film Institute Campus
Lee Strasberg Theatre and film Institute Main Campus

Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute is neither a private nor a public institute but a drama school that is otherwise known in short as LSTFI. The drama school was founded in the year 1969 by a popular actor, director, and acting teacher known as Lee Strasberg to educate and promote method acting skills in students.

The institution was formerly called Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and is located in Union Square on East 15th Street, a street also known as Lee Strasberg Way, in New York between Union Square East and Irving Place.

The institution held a partnership with New York University’s Tisch School of Arts for over 40 years, which provided an avenue for students to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree under the artistic direction of Anna Strasberg. Any graduate of the institute can be sure to have learned method acting, an acting technique created and developed by the founder of the school – Lee Strasberg.

The now Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute were hailed as the “America’s first true theatrical collective” in 1931 when Lee Strasberg co-founded the Group Theatre. He became the director of the Actors Studio in New York in 1951 and as at that time was considered “the nation’s most prestigious acting school,” He also was part of those who formed the Actors Studio West in Los Angeles.

But after about five decades of Lee Strasberg teaching in private classes and shepherding a generation of actors to achieve good successes at the Actors Studio, he then thought of establishing his school in 1969, He made it open to all those who were willing to learn “The Method”. After a few years, his wife Anna Strasberg then established the permanent location which is now known today as the “Strasberg Theatre & Film Institutes both in New York and Los Angeles.

Strasberg Theatre and Film Institutes Ranking & Awards

There is nothing much to say about the Lee Strasberg Film Institutes ranking, however, the university has produced a whole number of alumni and graduates who have today become the world’s best movie stars. Among few of them are Matt Adler, Akhil Akkineni, Khalilah Ali, Karen Allen,  Nancy Allen, Antero Alli, Greg Anderson, Vito Antuofermo,  Will Arnett, Srinivas Avasarala Blanche Baker, Adam Bakri, Alec Baldwin, Talia Balsam, Rik Barnett, Alma Beltran,  Elizabeth Berridge,  Dean Biasucci, Chaz Bono,  Elizabeth Berridge, Josh Bowman Cyrus Broacha,  Rachel Brosnahan, Jim J. Bullock, Steve Buscemi, Rosanne Cash, Kiera Chaplin,  Kevin Corrigan,  Luciano Cruz-Coke, Ben Curtis and many among others

Faculties & Courses Offered in Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institutes

The Strasberg Theater has many faculties with quite a several courses offered at different levels. Below is the list of faculties in the New York Branch with the names of their instructors in CAPITAL LETTER

  • Method Acting (Young Actors: Method Acting, Audition, Monologue, & Performance) C. ALEXANDER
  • Method Acting, Character Work, Improvisation (Young Actors: Method Acting) BILL BALZAC
  • Singing, Vocal Production (Young Actors: Musical Theatre) BRUCE BAUMER
  • Acting for Film & TV and Business of Acting IGNACIO BORDERS
  • Dance for the Actor MARIA C. BYERS
  •  Speech, Vocal Production NICK CIANFROGNA
  • Method Acting, Audition, Acting for Film & TV SUSAN GRACE COHEN
  • Method Acting, Building a Character LOLA COHEN
  • Dance, Musical Theatre (Young Actors: Musical Theatre) JEFFREY FERGUSON
  • Playwriting for the Actor, Writing During COVID-19 LINDSEY FERRENTINO accompanied by ROBERT GRUSECKI
  • Acting on Camera, American Cinema, World Cinema (Young Actors: Acting for Film & TV) BILL HOPKINS
  • Method Acting, Shakespeare at the Globe, Acting Chekhov GEOFFREY HORNE
  • Method Acting & Acting for Film & TV AMELIA HUCKEL-BAUER
  • Dance, Movement (Young Actors: Method Acting) MADELINE JAYE
  • Comedy and Tragedy for NYU Practicum LAINIE KAZAN (Guest Teacher)
  • Developing your Career for NYU LANNON KILLER (Guest teacher)
  • Working with Casting Directors for NYU Practicum PORTIA KRIEGER (Guest Teacher)
  • Method Acting GEORGE LOROS
  • Stage Combat MITCH MCCOY
  • Hip Hop for the Actor J9
  • Method Acting REMI MOSES
  • Improvisation PATRICK NOTH
  • Young Actors: Method Acting & Acting on Camera ALEX NOTKIN
  • Screenwriting and Advanced Dramatic Writing CHARLES NUCKOLLS
  • Audition, Monologue, Script Analysis LORCA PERESS
  • Working with Casting Directors for NYU Practicum MEGHAN RAFFERTY (Guest Teacher)
  • Speech, Dialects SARAH RAYANI
  • Movement, Scene Study MICHAEL KEVIN RYAN
  • Casting Workshop NYU LAURA SAVIA (Guest Teacher)
  • Improvisation JOHNNA SCRABIS (Guest Teacher)
  • Method Acting, Voiceover, and Mastering Self-Tape MARCEL SIMONEAU
  • Stage Combat J. ALLEN SUDDETH
  • Method Acting (Young Actors: Method Acting, Audition, Monologue, Breaking Type, & Acting the Greats) KELSEY TORSTVEIT
  • Speech, Dialects JOHN VANWYDEN
  • Working with the Director for NYU Practicum MORITZ VSTUELPNAGEL (Guest Teacher)
  • Method Acting DEBRA WILEY
  • Working with the Director for NYU Practicum CHRISTOPHER WINDOM (Guest Teacher)
  • Bollywood Dance ADIL ZUBAIR
  • Method Acting, Shakespeare at the Globe, Acting Chekhov TED ZURKOWSKI

You can read more on the courses faculties, offered and the course Instructor at Strasberg Theatre And Film Institutes, Los Angeles Institute.

Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute Acceptance Rate

Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute admission process is very easy. The acceptance rate is about 90%. So, getting admission into the school is very easy so far you have all the requirements needed of you to apply.

Admission Requirements at Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute

Knowing the admission requirements for your aspired institution is very key in determining your admission possibility, and if you want to study at Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute, it is important you know all the admission requirements. This will help and boost your chances of getting admitted as well as let you know if you are truly qualified to apply to the institute.

Just like every other institution or university, the Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute has distinctive requirements for all its different programs and courses. But, we shall be giving you the general requirement you are going to be needing for your application.

You are also to keep in mind that admission comes in stages and phases at Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute, so you have to know all you will need at each level and phase to guarantee your secure admission into your dream course of study.

Kindly take your time to thoroughly through these criteria carefully and be sure you have the correct document and qualifications including your IELTS score and many more before applying.

General Admission Requirements at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute by Program are as stated below;

  • All applicants to the school must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Applicant must have a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent like (SSCE (Nigeria), Advanced Level Exams (UK), Bachillerato (Mexico), Advanced High School Diploma (Canada), etc.
  • Applicants still in High school can apply to the YAC program (Young Actors Program).
  • Students who are yet to receive their high school diploma or its equivalent may still be accepted into the institution, hence can also apply but they will be considered special students, thus, not eligible for a certificate
  • The special student who completes high school or passes the General Educational Development (G.E.D) or its nationally recognized equivalents can move into a certificate program.
  • The credit you obtained as a special student will not count toward certificate completion.

Whether you are applying as a citizen or as an international student, you must meet these standards. If you are not a natural English speaker, you must submit proof of English proficiency with your application as stated above. You must provide proof in the form of a transcript from well-known English examinations such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE (Pearson English Language Test), or any of its equivalence.

Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute Application Procedure

Once you have selected your desired study program, the next step is to apply and submit your application with the required backup documents. When your application is received, you will be notified of what next you will do.

To apply to Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute, you need to visit the institution’s website and fill out the online application form to apply online or download the PDF form if you want to apply offline.

Below are the steps you need to complete your Online Application

1. Choose A Program

This is the first thing to do while applying to Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. You need to decide on which of the programs you want to apply for or that you are very passionate to learn.

2. Select Your College

Remember that the school has a secondary campus located in Los Angeles. So you might have to decide if you will prefer to stay on the campus or if you would rather stay outside the campus. You can also indicate this while filling out the online form if there is a space for it.

3. Fill out The Application Form

You need to be very careful while filling out your online application form as multiple application submissions can reduce your chances of being offered admission into the school. You should ensure that you fill out the online form and you have gone through it thoroughly to see you have uploaded all the required documents.

4. end Your Application

Sending your application, especially before the closing date is very important. You must also ensure to send it to the right email if you filled out the downloaded form. Send your downloaded application form to youngactors@strasberg.com. if you are applying for the Young Actor Program and apply@strasberg.edu if you are applying for any other program in the school. You can send your application either PDF, MS Word, or JPEG attachment to the email or directly to the Admission Office: https://strasberg.edu/new-york-theatre-film-school/prospective-students/apply/ (This email is not available for now though), so you should ensure you contact them before mailing your application.

5. Personal Statement

If you are applying for the young actor or any other program, you will still be required to write a personal statement of about 1-2 pages typed. This is where you will be required to state the reasons why you should be considered for admission as well as the reasons why you chose the school as your desired place to study.

6. Application Review & Selection

After the application period had ended, the selection of successful applicants commences immediately. The successful applicants will be notified via email regarding the outcome of the application and the scheduled time for their interview.

7. Interview

This is the final selection process. Once you have been called up to have an interview, the probability of getting selected is very high. You can also navigate to their website to learn more about the things expected of you to know before the interview to get yourself prepared.

For those who are citizens of the state, the interview will be in person, but for those who stay outside or are international applicants, the interview will be online via Skype or Zoom.

8. Acceptance of Admission

After the interview, an admission decision will be made within the first 48 hours. Hence if you have been offered admission, you will receive an email containing your acceptance letter as well as an instruction for the next steps to take for enrollment and registration.

Supplemental Documents Required For General Application

Here are the documents you need to have for a successful application to Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute:

  • Your filled-downloaded online application form in PDF, MS Word, or JPEG format – Click to download it now
  • Reference letter
  • Transcript
  • A non-refundable fee of $75 application fee (Click here to see how to pay your application fee now)
  • Evidence of the previous study. Minimum of a secondary school certificate or its equivalence (Result should be written in English, else translate it.
  • A personal statement stating the reason and the why of your application (1-2 paged typed)
  • Résumé/CV listing your education, employment, prior acting training, and another experience you have had.
  • Two reference letters (one from a previous employer, the second can be from a professional or academic co-worker). Reference should be mailed to apply@strasberg.edu or scanned alongside the online application form.
  • One valid recent photo
  • Proof of health Insurance – This is not compulsory though.
  • Proof of vaccination against Covid-19 will be provided before attending (Compulsory)


Additional Requirements for International Applicants

Lee Strasberg welcomes applications from international students from over 140 countries. Here are the application requirements you should have if you are applying from anywhere different from United State.

Generally, most of the general admission requirements apply to both domestic and international applicants. If you are not from an English-speaking country, you will be required to provide proof of English proficiency. Options for proof of English proficiency include:

  • Minimum TOEFL ibt score of 85
  • Pearsons PTE or Pearson PTE Academic Online score of 58 or above
  • Minimum IELTS score of 6.5
  • Transcript from high school
  • Other language tests or ESL Certificates.
  • Official Covid-19 Vaccination proof.

Document Required for Young Actor at Strasberg

To Apply Online, you can click here to fill out the Strasberg Young Actors Application Form.

Note that to fill out the application form, you will be required to provide information and documents such as:

Students will be required to provide the following documents:

  • The student name
  • Previous Grade
  • Student Pronouns
  • Student personal statement of not less than 100 and no more than 250 words to describe your goal in the field of acting and why you wish to join the Young Actors at Strasberg program.
  • Valid Student Photo
  • All these documents are to be mailed to (

Parents/Guardian will be required to provide the following documents

  • Parent/Guardian Name
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail
  • Relationship to student
  • Address & Location
  • Zip Code

You will also be required to provide the programs you want to apply for from the given options, the date, session, and how you heard about the Young Actors at Strasberg program.

How to Apply For Young Actors at Strasberg

  • All interested applicants are required to fill out this application form
  • For younger students, the parents are encouraged to help them type the personal statement, however, the student’s perspective (personal statement) should also be stated.
  • After successful submission of the application form, the interim coordinator “Kate Kreiss” will reach out to you to schedule an interview with the student, this can be done online via Zoom or in person.
  • After completing your admission interview, you (the parent) and the student will be notified if you have been accepted for the program.
  • Successful applicants will receive registration paperwork and further instruction on how to complete their admission process.

Important Information for All Applicants

  • The application starts one year before the commencement of the program and ends a day before the starting date.
  • You are advised to submit your application earlier to boost your admission
  • Students who will need to apply for VISA need to allow extra time. You can visit here to know more about the student VISA wait time.

Transfer Acceptance Rate at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

The acceptance rate for international applicants into Strasberg is 90%. This shows that you can easily get admitted into the school if you meet up with all the necessary application and admission requirements, and you were able to submit your application in time before the closing date.

Transfer Requirements into Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

There is no exact information regarding the transfer process into the school. However, if you are applying as an international student, then all the information regarding the requirements and how to apply have been stated earlier in the article above in the “Additional Requirements for International Student Applicants” column.

Tuition & Cost of Study

After you must have paid a non-refundable application fee of $75. Once you have successfully been admitted into the school, you will be required to pay a tuition rate by the program as follow:

  • A non-refundable $150 registration fee/term included in the tuition
  • Additional $100 administrative processing fee/term for international students in F-1 status
  • $39,150 or $6650 per term (6 terms) for a 2-year conservatory program
  • $19,650 or $6650 per term (3 terms) for 1-year conservatory program
  • $6,650 for a 12-week full-time program
  • $825/$1325 for a 12-weeks part-time program
  • $4,950 for 12- A week program.

Financial Aids & Scholarship Opportunities

Lee Strasberg Offers a series of scholarships but with little or no financial aid for its applicants. Among the scholarship opportunities available at Lee Strasberg are:

  • The Kevin Corrigan Scholarship (Only for enrolled students in 2nd-12th grade).
  • Vincent D’Onofrio Award (Only for current Students)
  • Eleonora Duse Scholarship (Only for International Applicants
  • Cicely Tyson Scholarship (Only for BIPOC- Black Indigenous, Person of Color Applicants)
  • Chandra Wilson Scholarship (Only for BIPOC – Black Indigenous, Person of Color applicants).

Job Opportunities at Lee Strasberg

Unfortunately, there are no job opportunities at Lee Strasberg Institute. When you are studying at the school you will not have access to any job while on campus. Because you are expected to have the funds needed to support yourself in the US without needing to work.

1 and 2-year conservatory students are eligible for up to a year post-completion Optional Practical Training – OPT after they have completed their studies. OPT is an avenue for them to engage in works that are directly related to the program they are studying.

For international students, your stay in the US is automatically extended if you are approved for OPT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the frequently asked question on the topic discussed.

How much does the Lee Strasberg Institute cost?

The cost of study in Les Strasberg is quite expensive. You might be paying as high as a minimum of $825/$1325 for a 12-weeks part-time program. This is the least of all the tuition at the school plus a non-refundable $150 registration included in the tuition fee/term.

Is Lee Strasberg Institute a good school?

Lee Strasberg is one of the best schools of acting you can attend. It has been one of the most prestigious schools of acting for over 55 years now. Even though the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London still maintains the top spot best acting school in the world as at 2022

Do you have to be auditioned for Lee Strasberg?

No, you will not be auditioned to gain admission into Lee Strasberg. However, you will be interviewed via a live Skype Video which is part of the overall admission process.

How do I apply for Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute?

To submit your application to Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film, all you need to do is click on the “Apply Online” button or “Download Application Form” then fill it out and send the PDF, MS Word, or JPEG attachment to apply@strasberg.edu  or mail it to the admission office address – https://strasberg.edu/new-york-theatre-film-school/prospective-students/apply/

Is it hard to get into Lee Strasberg Institute?

Getting admission into Les Strasberg is very easy both for domestic and international students. The acceptance rate is 90% which is quite a good signal of getting admitted if you meet up with the required criteria.

Is there any major difference between the New York and Los Angeles campuses?

Lee Strasberg’s theatre and film institute believes in uniformity of knowledge and therefore teaches the same thing in the same pure form and offers the same core classes. The only difference is how each campus reflects the culture of the state it is in during its lectures using Broadway and Hollywood as base examples and relatable examples for students in New York and Los Angeles respectively.

Does Lee Strasberg institute provide housing for its students?

No. Students are expected to sort out their housing issues by themselves and get themselves a comfortable space for learning. However, the school has made available a Facebook page whereby students can communicate with each other and select a roommate they think is they would be comfortable with. This applies to both campuses.

Can I visit the school to audit the class before applying?

The campus in Los Angeles encourages prospective students to visit the school for class audits. Most method acting classes are free for audit. All you have to do is contact the front desk of the school and schedule a day comfortable for you. The campus in New York on the other hand hosts open house events every 8th week with free sampling classes in method acting as well as question and answer sessions with an admission officer. All of this can be done by sending a request to the school also. They do not encourage or engage in the class audits.

Do prospective students have to audition before they can be considered or granted admission?

No. there has never been an audition to getting into LSTFI in over 50 years and it does not seem as though that is going to change soon.

Does LSTFI offer scholarships on either of the campuses?

Both campuses offer scholarship even though the criteria for selection varies for each campus, there is still scholarship options. You can find out more by clicking on this link New York Scholarships and Los Angeles scholarships. For the New York and Los Angeles respectively.

Am I guaranteed a job after graduating the school?

No. LSTFI is only saddled with the responsibility of teaching you how to become good and what you do in the industry. That means feeding you with the artistic knowledge and business knowledge to know how to navigate yourself through the business not getting you employment.

Can I start with the 12 weeks program and later extend it into the one or two-year program?

You definitely can. The 12 weeks program was designed for the integration into the one-year or two-year program so you can continue into the long program.

What is the average class size?

Most classes consist of at least 12 students, with an average of 14 and the highest of 16 but the class can range from 10 to 18.

I just finished high school, but I am not 18. Can I still apply to the adult program?

If you have already completed high school, you can apply for the adult program with the consent of your parents or guardian and this should be accompanied by an official document that would be submitted alongside your application form.


The acceptance rate at Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute is 90%. This is quite achievable no matter where you are applying from. Although the tuition fees are on the high side with a minimum of $825/$1325 for a 12-weeks part-time program and there are no job opportunities for on-campus students. But once you have successfully gained admission into the school, there are various scholarship opportunities like The Kevin Corrigan Scholarship, Vincent D’Onofrio Award, Eleonora Duse Scholarship, The Cicely Tyson Scholarship, and The Chandra Wilson scholarship.

Overall, Lee Strasberg is a very good and peaceful place to study. With a good student environment and the cost of living is relatively affordable if you decide not to stay on the school campus. We wish you nothing but the very best in your pursuit to gain admission into Les Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.

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