Best Online Master’s Programs in Psychology

Psychology is one of the professions that has never gone out of demand. Psychologists are required in schools, hospitals, sports teams, and corporations.

As a professional psychologist, boosting your portfolio with a master’s degree is an added advantage in your career. Getting a master’s degree also helps you to secure higher pay.

Professionals who yearn to earn a master’s degree are faced with the issue of time and flexibility. A master’s degree program has to afford the time to work while schooling. Are you a professional who is looking to further your education in psychology and you are pressed for time? There are online programs that fit your needs outlined in this article, keep reading this article to get more information.

Best Online Master’s Programs in Psychology

1. Touro University Worldwide

Touro University Worldwide offers over 20 online bachelor’s and graduate programs which includes a master of arts in psychology.

TUW is focused on cognitive and social psychology, research methods, learning theory, and ethical practice.  Students of TUW’s online master’s in psychology do not earn licensure after the program.

2. Ball State University

Ball State University was established in 1918 in Indiana. Ball State offers a wide range of academic programs including two master’s degree programs in Psychology.

The online master of science in quantitative psychology is a 21-credit coursework. Ball State University offers one of the best online master’s in Psychology in the country.

3. University of Southern California

The University of Southern California was established in 1880. USC has an estimated total of 44,000 enrollees. There is over twenty master’s program offered online including a master’s degree in applied Psychology. These master’s programs can be completed within 1 year and six months.

USC’S online master’s program helps to prepare students for market research, career counseling, social media communications, and employee relations.

Practicing business and psychological professionals can also benefit from this program, which can lead to advancement within their current field.

4. Harvard University

Harvard University was established in 1638, it is also the oldest higher institution in the US. The University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and it also offers graduate, undergraduate, and professional to over 30,000 students.

Harvard University offers an online hybrid master of liberal arts in psychology program. There is no need to lay emphasis on Harvard as one of the best colleges for both offline and online master’s programs as it is already well known by the general public.

5. Nova Southeastern University

NSU was established in 1964 in  Fort Lauderdale, Florida. NSU provides over 150 undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs which include a master of science in general psychology.

The online master’s in psychology offered at NSU is a mix of theoretical and practical instructions to help the student to get a taste of both sides.

6. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles

The Chicago School has campuses scattered across the United States. They offer ban wide range of online courses including an online master’s in Psychology which is focused mainly on Pubic health, general studies, forensic psychology, etc.

7. Lamar University

Located in Beaumont, Texas, Lamar University was founded in 1923. Lamar University offers over 100  graduate programs and undergraduate programs including an online master’s of education in clinical mental health.

Online master’s students are instructed in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the coursework. This is meant to fully equip students for real-life situations

8. Golden Gate University

Golden Gate University was founded in 1901, GGU is the 4th oldest private university in California state. GGU provides undergraduate and graduate programs specifically designed to help working professionals advance their careers.

GGU offers an online master of arts in industrial-organizational psychology making use of the theoretical and practical approach to instruct students.

The college offers an optional internship opportunity in applied psychology which allows students to work closely with an experienced practitioner.

9. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania was established in 1740. The college offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs to over 25,000 learners. The school’s main campus is located in west Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it has 16 academic schools and colleges with about 165 research centers and institutes.

Penn offers a hybrid master of applied positive psychology online that encourages human and organizational success. Students are required complete 10 on-site visits and an immersion week at the beginning of the master’s program.

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