Best Colleges for Computer Science in Michigan

Searching for the best schools in Michigan for computer science? Then we have published a list of top colleges in Michigan for computer science. So read on.

Computer science has become one of the most popular courses of study nationwide owing to the current influx of jobs in the technology sector.

Starting a career as a Computer Scientist requires serious decision-making and as such you need to start by looking for the best university that suits your needs as this will impact your career greatly.

We are aware that searching for a good university to pursue your studies is a tad difficult, well that is why we are here. We have put together a list of ten accredited universities that would best suit your needs. Keep reading this article, it promises to be educative and informative.

Best Colleges for Computer Science in Michigan

1. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor is one of the best universities that offer computer science in Michigan. Tuition at the University of Michigan is capped at $17,832 per year. You should really consider this school because not only is it relatively affordable, it also offers good quality education.

2. Lawrence Technological University

Lawrence Technological University is a small, private non-profit university located in Michigan. This college is a great option for students intending to pursue a degree in computer science and technology.

Out of the 57 best universities, LTU ranks 15th on the list, this goes to show that choosing the university will not be a bad choice after all. In the recent school year, LTU has graduated over 40 Computer science students.

3. Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University ranks 358 out of 2,241 best colleges nationwide, this is proof that choosing this university is not a bad decision. CMU is located in Mount Pleasant, a town in Michigan.

When looking up the yearly tuition fee, the amount might come off as expensive, but there is great news! Students who live in Michigan get a 45.4% discount on their tuition. Freshmen also receive financial aid totaling about $9,417 and students from families with low income receive $13,058 in their first year.

4. Baker College

In education quality, Baker College ranks 44th out of 57 colleges in the state of Michigan. You should take rakings for education quality into consideration in your search for a suitable school.

Baker College offers computer science as one of its major courses. It costs $22,260 to attend Baker College each year. 80.0% of freshmen receive some form of financial aid, with the average amount totaling $6,103. Students from low-income families receive an average of $7,405 in aid during their first year.

5. Kettering University

Kettering university is one university you must consider in this search for the best college for computer sciences in Michigan. KU is a private not-for-profit university with a small student population. This College ranks 202 out of 2,241 schools nationwide, and this goes to prove that Kettering University is a good choice.

Roughly 42 computer science students have graduated from Kettering in the most recent year.

6. Davenport University

Davenport University is located in Grand Rapids, Davenport University is a private non-profit university with a not-so-large student population. Out of 57 colleges for overall quality in the state of Michigan, this university ranks 29th.

There is no tuition reduction for students at Davenport but financial aid is administered to quite a percentage of students who merit it. You should really take this university into consideration in your search for a good school for computer science and technology.

7. Calvin University

Calvin University is one of the finest schools in the country for getting a degree in computer science. CU is a small private non-profit university located in Grand Rapids, Calvin also ranks 343 out of 2,241 best colleges nationwide.

Calvin University costs about $52,606 to attend yearly which is relatively expensive. But there is considerable financial aid offered to Freshmen, students living in Michigan, and students from low-income homes in their first year.

8. Western Michigan University

WMU is a public university located in Kalamazoo. WMU has a relatively large student population and also ranks 327th out of the 2,241 best colleges in the United States. This is a big proof that the university is a very good place to pursue your degree in computer science and technology.

Graduating from this university gives you the opportunity to earn considerably more than graduates of other universities in the same field. It costs $30,095 to attend WMU yearly but not to worry, financial aid is made available to quite a percentage of students in their first year.

9. University of Michigan – Flint

UM Flint is located in the city of Flint. Out of 57 top computer science schools in the state of Michigan, UM ranks 37th.

Graduates of Computer science from UM earn higher pay in their field of expertise, which is considerably higher than graduates from other universities, cool right?

The University of Michigan costs about $37,752 to attend, do not fret about the high cost as most students get up to a 48% discount on their tuition in the first year.

10. Eastern Michigan University

It is a large public university located in Ypsilanti. Eastern Michigan University ranks 16 out of 57 best universities in the state of Michigan.

Eastern Michigan University costs about $19,071 and $29,787 yearly. Graduates of computer science and technology at this college earn considerably higher than graduates from other colleges.

All universities mentioned above are accredited and the list was carefully curated to suit your needs. We hope that this article has been insightful and informative in your search for top colleges for computer sciences in Michigan.

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