Emerson College Acceptance Rate, Tuition Fee, SAT, ACT and GPA Requirement.

Hello, dear esteemed reader, today we are going to walk you through the Acceptance Rate at Emerson College, Tuition and Admission Requirements, and all you need to know about Emerson college Financial Aids, the transfer student and international admission requirements, GPA, ACT, SAT with the acceptance rate, and how to apply to boost your chances of getting admission into Emerson for the 2026 class both for Early Action (EA) and Regular Decision (RD).

If you are a student seeking to get admission to Emerson College, then you need to know some basic important information about Their Acceptance Rate, Admission Requirements, as well as how you can apply. So, if you want to boost your chance of getting admission, I have made this thorough research on the topic to curate this content that will put you through all the things you need to know going forward in your application and admission into the Emerson College.

What is Emerson College Acceptance Rate?

Emerson College Acceptance Rate
Chart Showing Emerson College Acceptance Rate

Emerson College has an average acceptance rate of 33%. Out of every 100 applications, 36 students are accepted into Emerson College. Students can submit either ACT or SAT scores. A score between 1200 and 1390 on SAT exam or 26 and 31 on the ACT exam is among the 25th – 75th percentile range of admitted students. With GPA data from over 150 schools, we have estimated that the Emerson average GPA requirement for the admitted students ranges from 3.57 to 3.90.

The acceptance rate of Emerson is highly competitive. Based on the historical data from the university, the projected acceptance rate in 2022/2023 is estimated to be 30%. You can get more information on this and more directly from the school website @admission.emersoncollege.edu.






Below are some helpful tables and statistics that can help you navigate this article faster and easier.

About Emerson College

Type Private
Student Population 4,573
Mode NaN
Website /www.emerson.edu/
Accreditation CIHE
Religious Affiliation Not Applicable
On-Campus Housing Yes

Address & Contact

Address 120 Boylston Street Boston, MA  02116-4624, United States.
Contact Email: NaN Phone:  617-824-8500

Fax: 6178248609


Application Deadline NaN
Acceptance Rate 33%
Average SAT 1200 – 1390
Average ACT 26 – 31
Application fee $65
SAT/ACT Required
GPA 3.57 – 3.90 (Recommended)
Accept Common App Yes

Cost of Study/Year

Net Price $46,054
Average Annual Cost $46,061
Book & Supplies $1,150
Other Fees $836
Room & Board $17,690
Budget for Other Expenses $2,700
Total One Year Cost $68,392

Four Majors

Film/Video and Photographic Arts 281 Graduates
Radio, Television, and Digital Communication 145 Graduates
Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Storytelling 138 Graduates
Drams/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft 110 Graduates

Financial Aid

Details Average Aid Per Year
Students Receiving Gift Aid $19,098
Students Receiving Federal Grants $5,071
Students Receiving State Aid $2,108
Students Receiving Institutional Grants $18,111

About Emerson College

Emerson College Building
Emerson College Main Campus
Type Private
Student Population 4,573
Mode NaN
Website / www.emerson.edu/
Accreditation CIHE
Religious Affiliation Not Applicable
On-Campus Housing Yes

Emerson College is a nonprofit private institution located in Boston, Ma. It is a private Coeducational University established in the year 1880. The University was founded by Wesley Emerson, more reason why the college was named after him. The Motto of the college is “Expression Necessary to Evolution” and has an official color of purple, warm gray, and white. From statistics, the total enrollments of the school are an average of 4,919 in 2019. In 2019, the university admitted around 3,878 of which it received a least about 1,052 applications in various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The school has a total of 469 faculties that teaches various courses to the students.

From the statistics of the population by age, Emerson College has about 99% of their student under 24. And about gender, the distribution spans through a total percentage of 61% females and just 39% male students. Also, there are different races in the school as Emerson admitted students from different Nationalities. EC has about 59% white, which can be seen as the dominant ethnicity, 13% Hispanic as well as 13% Non-residence, which can be categorized as students from international countries. Emerson College has since over 140 years of establishment produced countless Alumni from different fields. Some of these include Steven Wright the popularly known Comedian and a Musician, Denis Leary a Comedian and also a Television producer, David Cross also a Comedian and a popular Television producer, and Jay Leno a Television presenter and Television producer.

The school has various sporting events that students will surely appreciate. It also boasts of standard infrastructures. Emerson also encourages students to take part in different athletics which helps to build character. Emerson offers about 43 different programs in all its faculties both for the resident students’ programs as well as the ones online for online students. Accredited by the like of ASHA (America Speech-Language-Hearing Association) and NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges). As of 2017/2018, the total worth of Emerson College is roughly around $161 million.

Location & Contact

Address 120 Boylston Street Boston, MA  02116-4624, United States.
Contact Email: NaN Phone:  617-824-8500

Fax: 6178248609


Are you a citizen of the state and you don’t know where the college is? Or you are just coming to the school for the first time as a new student? Perhaps you may want to submit your application in person to the admission office. The school is not hard to locate. Emerson College is located at 120 Boylston Street Boston, MA  02116-4624, United States.


You might as well want to contact the school line to log a complaint or get some important information regarding your admission processing, the official contact line for Emerson College is 617-824-8500.


Application Deadline NaN
Acceptance Rate 36%
Average SAT 1200 – 1390
Average ACT 26 – 31
Application fee $65
SAT/ACT Required
GPA 3.57 – 3.90 (Recommended)
Accept Common App Yes


Emerson College (EC) is very selective in admitting students into the school. The admission process is moderately difficult. All applicants are required by the school to fill out the application form and submit it with a fee of $65 which is part or even the number one step to your admission processing in EC. Since admission is moderately difficult, an SAT score of 1200 – 1410 would improve your chance of admission. While the average ACT score of admitted EC students is 29, having an ACT score less than 27 can still place you on the admission list. There are two ways of applying. Either you submit it online or you submit it directly to the admission office by visiting this address: 120 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts, and you can call 02116-4624, or call (617) 824-8500 for more information.


Emerson College has an acceptance rate of 33%. This shows that from over 100 applications received by EC, just about 33 people are eventually called up for admission. Furthermore, the average SAT score for all the admitted students lies within the range of 1200 to 1410 as we have earlier said. While the ACT score range for the admitted student lies between 27 and 31.  Statistically, the average GPA score for an average admitted EC student is 3.70. For your application, the deadline for submission of the application is January 15.  The application process is very simple and easy to navigate your way without any serious complications. It takes just four steps to complete your application processes.


How to Apply


To successfully submit your application to Emerson College, there is four procedure you need to follow. The procedures are as follows:


Step1. Fill and Submit your application form:


This is the first step you need to take. You have to first get the application form from the admission website. And fill it out. Interested candidates are to put a call across though to the college line on (617) 824-8500 or submit it via the online method. Alternatively, applicants can visit the Emerson admission office at 120 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116-4624. Otherwise, candidates are to contact Emerson College’s admission office by calling the office line to begin or initiate their application process.


Step 2. Submission of Documents:


After successfully submitting the application form to the school or online and you have also paid your application fee to the appropriate quarters, you will then be required to submit certain documents so that you can receive the admission decision. Here are the documents required to be submitted:


Required Documents


  1. Essay: This is also known as the personal statement and it is expected that every applicant must submit the essay for the admission committee to hear the applicant’s unique voice, achievements and personality. It is advised that applicants must include their personal experiences and anecdotes.
  2. Transcript: Candidates will be required to present their official high school transcript which will be used as part of the evaluation process.
  3. Official Test Scores: Candidates or applicants who wish to submit their testing score can submit it alongside their documents. This is however not mandatory as you will not be penalized for refusal to submit nor will you be at disadvantage. Applicants who have their SAT/ ACT score or both can submit it. In some ways, if a candidate has a stronger result to present it makes a stronger claim for securing a seat at Emerson College as an applicant with less academic qualifications cannot be chosen over you.
  4. The admission office/College may, however, request further documents from you once the reviewing process is over depending on your chosen course or program of study.


Step 3: Confirmation of Attendance:


This step requires successful applicants to confirm their attendance as part of the admission process. As an applicant, you must confirm your attendance at Emerson College. Here, you will also be required to select your housing as well as complete your financial check-in process. The review and verification of summary of accounts and financial aid including scholarships, fees, and tuition costs, choosing a lodging option, selecting your preferred payment plan as well as making your first payment. All admitted students will then be required to complete the math and English assessments before proceeding to register for classes.


Step 4: Register for Classes


Here successful applicants who have received their application letter and how completed all the aforementioned steps 3 all through step 4 are to proceed to begin the registration of their courses.


GPA Requirement to get into Emerson College

The average GPA requirement to stand a chance of getting admitted into Emerson College is 3.60. Getting into Emerson College is extremely difficult. But with a GPA around this range or even higher can get you at a safer edge of admission. But if your GPA is lower than this but has met all other requirements expected of you, then your chance of admission might be a bit shaky as other applicants with better and stronger GPAs will be considered first before you.

NOTE: We are not assuring you of admission. All our assumptions are only based on previous data of admitted students which we have gathered to derive these articles. It will be in your best interest to have good results and meet all the requirements of the institution before sending your application letter.

Additionally, you are to know that most universities in the US and more specifically Emerson do not have a standard score for the GPA to be submitted for your application. However, it is in the best interest of the applicant to use their instinct and make sure to have between some high levels of the range. Since Emerson uses a 4.0 weighted GPA just like many other US schools, it is expected that you have a convincing range of scores to guarantee your admission.

With a GPA of 3.60, Emerson College expects that you will be one of the best in your class. Even if not the best, at least an average student with A’s and B’s in his high school results could push you to compete with some other applicants.

Suppose you didn’t even have a good GPA result as a student currently in the junior or senior class, you can as well take up some extra harder classes like AP or IB. This will show that you can handle more difficult academics than the average high school student.

The average GPA of students who are admitted into EC is 3.70. So, this shows you that the school is very competitive, and having this prior idea of the documents to be submitted can be very helpful as an applicant.

SAT Requirement to Get into Emerson College

Section 25th Percentile 75th Percentile Average SAT Score
SAT Math 590 700
SAT reading 610 690
SAT Composite 1200 1390 1295


The average SAT score is not compulsory by the school but candidates who choose to submit it are more compared to those who did not or only submitted ACT. The average SAT score of students who get admitted to college is 1305. But, note that those who scoreless on their SAT can as well be applied for the same case. By my statistics, 66% of applicants who submit their SAT score with their application gets admitted.


The SAT scores assess a student’s ability in reading, writing, and mathematics and are made optional at Emerson College. However, applicants are advised to have an average of 1200 – 1390 in their SAT exam on a scale of 1600. There is no specific score you should have to be considered for admission.


The average SAT score composite at Emerson University is 1295 on the 1600 SAT scale.


The 25th percentile new SAT score is 1,200 while the 75th percentile SAT score is 1,390.

This shows that Emerson College is very competitive and since the SAT/ACT exam is not compulsory but just recommended, you have no reason to be worried.

A score of 1,200 will place you below the average SAT score of 1,295 while a score of 1,390 will place you above the average score. As I have earlier established, Emerson College does not need you to submit your standardized testing result. But if you feel that you have a good score to present, then you can submit it alongside your applications.

It is worth noting that over 66% of the admitted students had scores within this range.

SAT Score Choice Policy

The score choice of the choice policy is very important. In a place like Emerson College, their score choice policy is the “Highest Section” policy.

This means that if you submit two or more SAT scores during your application, of all the tests received by the school with your applications only the one with the highest section score will be chosen. This policy is also known as “super scoring”.

I think an example will be best for us. Let me give this simple analogy of just two tests. Test 1 and test 2

Section SAT Reading + Writing SAT Math SAT Composite
Test 1 600 300 900
Test 2 400 500 900
Test 3 300 800 1100
Superscore 600 800 1400

Explanation: Although the highest total you have scored on any test date was 1100, Emerson will take your highest section score from all your 3-test dates, then they will be combined to form your superscore. This is a good way to raise your composite score from 1100 to 1400 just like this example.

The superscore is a very important testing strategy. This is because you can choose the tests you want to send per time, and Emerson will then assist you to form your superscore, as well as taking the SAT as many times as you want, then submit only the test with the highest score. The person reading your application will see this and select the section with the highest test score.

So, if your current composite SAT score is below the required average of 1,295, then, we recommend that you consider preparing for the SAT retaking? Retaking and having a good score also boost your chance of getting in.

Better still, taking more advantage of this superscore, you can choose to focus only on SAT Reading + Writing. First, the result was not that good in the previous section you submitted, then when you are satisfied with your score, you can try taking another one again to see if you can improve. Forward the sections to Emerson and all the sections will be accessed to superscore you. This will give you the highest superscore possible.


ACT Requirement to Get into Emerson College.

Section 25th Percentile 75th Percentile Average ACT Score
ACT Math 24 29
ACT reading 27 34
ACT Composite 26 31 29


There is no specific ACT requirement at EC. However, an applicant is advised to have a minimum of 26 – 31 ACT exam scores as it improves your student application profile.

From data gathered from past applications and the number of successful students in the school, 35% of those who are admitted have an average score of 29 ACT scores. And 26% of those who are admitted into the school in total submitted only their ACT score.

The 25th percentile ACT score is 26 while the 75th percentile ACT score is 31.

This implies that a score of 26 ACT score will place you below the average while a 30 ACT score will move you above the average of 34. As I have earlier stated, Emerson College did not set any required average ACT score. But it is expected that any applicant should have at least a 29+ ACT score to stand any chance of admission consideration. – Be reminded that SAT/ ACT testing is not compulsory but only recommended. So, you can even still get admitted without it. However, candidates with higher GPA and ACT/SAT might be strongly preferred.

ACT Score Choice Policy

By large, we have discovered that most colleges in the United State do not superscore the ACT. This means that most of them do not take your best section score from all the test dates you submit, and then combine them into the best possible composite score). But rather the school will choose the highest ACT score from a single sitting.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to get the exact Emerson college’s ACT score policy, which likely suggests that the college do not superscore ACT. Nonetheless, you can as well do the ACT multiple times, but this time around, you should ensure not to send each test you do per day. Attempt the ACT 3 times also, then choose only the test day with the highest result and send it to Emerson. We suggest a score around our recommended average of 29 is very okay to send.

ACT Score Sending Policy

Suppose you want to send an ACT in place of SAT. There is a huge advantage in how you send and this even helps your testing strategy.

Explanation: Suppose you want to send your ACT score to a college; you have full control over the test score you want to send. This simply means that even if you do the test 10 different times, only the one with the highest score will be sent by you. Unlike SAT, where you will be required to send all your tests ever taken and the superscore you.

So, the advice is for you to take the ACT as many times as you can, then choose the one with the highest result. Remember we recommend an average score of 29.

SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements

Both the SAT/ACT have an optional essay section.

You are required to take the SAT Essay/ACT writing section. This will be used as part of the factors to determine your application and admission.

SAT Subject Test Requirements

Different colleges have their separate SAT subject test requirements. Some countries in the US do not require it. But most schools with very competitive admission policies tend to use it as one of the best ways to screen candidates’ applications.


However, we do not find concrete information regarding the Emerson requirement for SAT. So, it is most likely that the school does not require SAT. But we advise that you should double-check at least 6 months before you apply for the school. So that you can have more time to prepare for whatever is going to happen.


Admission Requirements into Emerson College

Not all document is very important to be submitted while sending your applications to Emerson admission quarters. There are some specific documents that the admission selection committee requires you to submit as an applicant. These are what they need from you and you should ensure to submit them while applying.

Here on this table below, I have listed them in order of how compulsory and required these documents are.

The compulsory ones are the ones you must submit while the marked “Required”. While the non-compulsory/optional ones are the ones marked “Recommended”.


Document Required Recommended
High school GPA No Yes
High School Rank No Yes
High School Transcript Yes No
College Prep Course No Yes
Recommendation Yes No


Transferred Student Admission Requirement

Application Date & Deadlines

Application Fee: $65

Application Deadline

Early Decision (ED) Deadline
Admission Notification for Early Decision
Early Action (EA) Deadline
Admission Notification for Early Action
Application Website www.commonapp.org
Accept Common App Yes
Accepts Coalition App No

Additionally, to all the other required and recommended documents and information you have submitted, applicants are also required to deposit the sum of $65 as an application fee. The deadline of your application to the college depends on some factors like; the Fall application or the Spring application, this certainly has to do with the time or semester you applied. Secondly, the best time applicants can send in their application usually is around September and might go till April as well. The September deadline usually is for the early decision (ED). While the final deadline is in April. It’s important that for any candidate to get opportunities for scholarships, you are advised to apply very early as an early action or early decision applicant.


Emerson College Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics

  Women Men Total
Applied 8,899 4,042 12,941
Accepted 3,232 1,380 4,612
Acceptance Rate 36% 34% 36%
Enrolled 582 341 923
Percentage Enrolled after Admission (Admission Yield 18% 25% 20%


Cost of Study

Net Price $46,054
Average Annual Cost $46,061
Book & Supplies $1,150
Other Fees $836
Room & Board $17,690
Budget for Other Expenses $2,700
Total One Year Cost $68,392

Tuition and Fees

After a successful application and admission into Emerson College, the next thing you have to keep in mind is the total costs of your study and living there.  Your cost of study includes your tuition fee, books and supplies, room and board, and miscellaneous. The total one-year cost of a full-time basis at EC would be something averagely around $70,897. This will include your annual tuition fee of roughly around, 49,432, book and supplies of about 1,150, room and boarding of around 18,400 as well as budget for other expenses of about 3,240. More of this will be discussed below.

Emerson College is very well known for offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs with quality training for the students. The tuition fees charged at Emerson College are quite high when you compare them with the expenses of education at most of the other institutions in the United States or even outside the country. As of the 2021/2022 academic session, an official report from the school suggested that the average cost undergo an undergraduate course in the school sums up to about $49,432, this includes the tuition fees and all other expenses. Both housing, books & supplies and other expenses costs $18,400, $11,500 and $3,240 respectively.

Cost of Attendance

Fee Description Citizens Non-Citizens
Tuition & Fees $46,854 $46,854
Books & Supplies $1,150 $1,150
Room & Board $17,690 $17,690
Other Expenses $2,700 $2,700
Total Cost of Attendance $68,392 $68,392

Net Price by Family Income

Total Cost: $46,054

Family Income Estimated Net Price
$0 – $30,000 $37,668
$30,000 – $48,000 $36,440
$48,000 – $75,000 $42,289
$75,000 – $110,000 $43,615
$110,000+ $$47,264

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Fee Description Citizens Non-Citizens
Tuition & Fees $46,852 $46,852
Room & Board $17,690 $17,690
Total Tuition & Fees $64,542 $64,542

Graduate Tuition and Fees

Fee Description Citizens Non-Citizens
Tuition $30,024 $30,024
Fees $624 $624

Statistic Total Cost of Study over the Years

Year Average Cost of Study
2016/2017 $42,070
2017/2028 $46,054
2018/2019 46,381

Top of Emerson Majors

Emerson College offers various degree programs both for undergraduates and postgraduates. Few among the school’s majors are:

  1. Film/Video and Photographic Arts
  2. Radio, Television, and Digital Communication
  3. Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Storytelling
  4. Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft
  5. Marketing
  6. Journalism
  7. Communication and Media Studies
  8. Graphics Communication
  9. Music
  10. Teacher Education and Professional Studies




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Financial Aid

Details Average Aid Per Year
Students Receiving Gift Aid $19,098
Students Receiving Federal Grants $5,071
Students Receiving State Aid $2,108
Students Receiving Institutional Grants $18,111


Financial aid is a medium organized to help students who have or might have issues financially in the course of pursuing the study in their school of study. Emerson College provides many opportunities for all students who in any case are facing financial issues concerning the fees and costs of living. Students of EC can tap into this opportunity by seeking help from the financial aid department of the varsity.

EU financial aid departments focus majorly on settling the issues that students face regarding their studies needs and assist them with scholarships, grants, or student loans. At the college, the average federal grant is around $5,591, while the financial aid is close to $20,764. The student of the school who is a citizen of the state is also provided with state aid while the institution also gives the student “institutional aid”. The state aid for citizens is around $2,441, while the institutional aid is averagely around $20,784. In total, the non-need-based scholarship or grants awarded to an average student at Emerson College is close to $9,913,050 yearly.

Amazingly, close to over 80% of Emerson college students are currently under one or more financial aid per year while the total amount of loan or assistance provided is about $12,824,672.

Students of the school can also take advantage of the loan different from the grants and scholarships where you don’t have to repay anything. With an Emerson loan, you will be required to repay the money alongside some certain rate of interest at which the funds are borrowed. Over 50% of Emerson Students take advantage of this loan aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the frequently asked questions on the Emerson college acceptance rate.

What GPA do you need to gain Admission into Emerson College?

Emerson College is a very competitive school. To gain admission into the school, you must be one of the best students during high school. With a GPA of at least 3.7-4.0 on a 4.0 GPA scale. You should be certain that you are very much in a good position of being admitted to Emerson College.

Is Emerson College a Black College?

Emerson admitted students from different ethnicities. The highest percentage of Emerson College by ethnicity or race are the whites with close to 58.9%. Followed by the Hispanics with 13%, then the Asians with 4.79%, and the next is Black or African Americans with 4.22% of Emerson’s population. This shows that the percentage of Black students admitted into the school every year is within the range of 5% to 6%.

How hard is it to get into Emerson College?

Emerson Admission is moderately competitive with an acceptance rate of 33%. A student that gets into Emerson College has an SAT score in the range of 1200 to 1410 or an average ACT score of 27 to 31. To also boost your chance of admission, you should have an average GPA score of 3.7. And if you are currently in the junior or senior class, you can take harder classes like the IB or AP class, this will help to increase your chances of beating the competition.

What is the Average ACT score for Emerson College?

Students that get into Emerson have an SAT score within the range of 1200 to 1410. With the 25th percentile, new SAT score of 1,200, and the 75th percentile SAT score is 1,390. Any score around this range will guarantee you a secure spot at Emerson. But averagely, the average SAT score of most admitted Emerson college students is 1,390.

What SAT score is required for Emerson College?

Students that get into Emerson have an ACT score within the range of 27 to 31. With the 25th percentile, a new SAT score of 27, and the 75th percentile SAT score is 31. Any score around this range will guarantee you a secure spot at Emerson. But averagely, the average ACT score of most admitted Emerson college students is 29.

Does Emerson College have Early Action?

Yes, there are 3 different options for applying to Emerson: 1) Early Decision (ED), 2) Early Action (EA), and 3) Regular Decision (RD). Candidates can choose the one they prefer, but each one of them has its unique terms and condition. You can know more about this directly at https://www.emerson.edu/admissions-aid/undergraduate-admission/application-process/first-year

Is Emerson College Need Blind?

No, Emerson College has many amazing aid opportunities for their students. These financial aids come in three different ways. 1) Scholarships/Grants: This is given to qualified students and they are not required to pay back. 2) Loan: This is given only to students who show interest and apply for it. Applicants will be required to repay the loan with some interest rate on it during the repayment period.

Can international students apply to Emerson College?

International students can apply to Emerson’s pre-college studio programs and summer programs. The only program they cannot apply for is the digital filmmaking program which is only for domestic US citizens.

Are international students eligible for financial aid and grants?

As an international student, you may be eligible for financial aid, grants, loan aids, and much more financial aid the school provides. To find more about this please visit https://www.emerson.edu/admissions-aid/undergraduate-admission as an undergraduate and https://www.emerson.edu/admissions-aid/graduate-admission/financial-aid for the graduate program.

Does Emerson College accept transfer students?

In the past years, Emerson College has accepted several transfer students. In 2019, it was recorded that Emerson College received 942 transfer applications and accepted over half of them which is quite favorable.

What is the acceptance rate of transfer students at Emerson College?

According to the research that we have gathered, the acceptance rate of transfer students into Emerson College is 59.87 which is considered highly achievable.

How do I send in my application to Emerson College?

To send in your application or to apply to Emerson College, you need to log into the admission portal https://admissions.emerson.edu/apply/status and start the process or continue the process if you have already started it before. Note that you should not create an account here first. You are required to send in your application first then instructions will be sent to your email address.

How many credits do I need to have to be considered by Emerson College as a transfer student?

The school requires that transfer students have a minimum of 48 credits in total with 20 credits in their major before they would be considered by the school.

Does Emerson College offer travel grants for educational purposes?

Yes. Emerson College offers a $1,000 travel grant for students who apply for it and it has to be stated that it is for educational purposes like visiting Paris College of Art. To do so, you need to travel to PCA for an open house and enroll. You can click on this link to learn more https://emerson.edu/visit-pca



The Emerson College acceptance rate is 33% which makes it an averagely difficult school to be applying to but with the right SAT score and the right ACT score, your chances are higher. The school requires that you have an average SAT score of 1290 and an average ACT of 29 alongside a GPA of 3.60 as anything lower than this can reduce your chances of admission. EC uses the superscore method so you are advised to take as many SATs as you can to get the highest score in all as this puts you at a greater advantage. The cost of tuition varies with the program and the status of the student. This means that the tuition cost for a citizen in the undergraduate program may vary a little from that of a non-citizen in the undergraduate program and the same applies to the graduate program. Nonetheless, it is on the high side with an average of $64,542 which also includes housing.

The financial aid program is available and open to both citizens and non-citizens or international students. All in all, Emerson College is a school you want to be associated with and we wish you all the best in your pursuit of securing a spot at Emerson College. We wish you well.

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