Stanford University Tuition Fees 2023-2024 Academic Year

Before planning for your enrollment at Stanford, it is important to know the total amount Stanford accepts as school fees and the estimated expenses.

So if you want to know the total amount to budget for tuition and living expenses, then keep reading.

What does it cost to attend Stanford University? How much is Stanford university tuition and fees per academic year? How much is Stanford university tuition per semester? How much does it cost to go to Stanford University for 4 years?

We have published detailed information regarding the estimated living expenses and tuition costs for undergraduate and graduate degree programs at Stanford University.

You need to know the costs involved with attending Stanford, including tuition and other expenses. The expenses for numerous campus services, including tuition and other fees, student activities, health insurance and services, housing and dining, and more, will be combined into your student financial account.

The total budget for a single student living on campus without any dependents is tabulated below. First-year students might anticipate transition charges such as technology purchases, relocating expenses, and others depending on their unique situation in addition to these costs.

Based on your living arrangement, students living outside campus might anticipate living costs to be ten percent to forty percent more.

Stanford University Tuition and Fees 2023-2024

2022–2023 Academic Year
Budget Item Academic Year Quarter Academic Year Summer Quarter 12 Month Budget


5,730 17,190 4,520 21,710


2,225 6,675 2,225 8,900
Personal Expenses


2,280 6,840 2,280 9,120


545 1,635 545 2,180
Books and Supplies


345 1,035 345 1,380
Campus Health Service Fee


241 723 241 964
Cardinal Care Health Insurance


2,256 6,768 0 6,768
Total Non-Tuition Expenses $13,622 $40,866 $10,156 $51,022

Your school and the number of units you have will determine how much you really pay in quarterly tuition. Engineering students pay higher rates.

In general, students with teaching or research appointments are only allowed to enroll in 8–10 units; those who are not employed usually enroll in 11–18 units. Graduate students in upper-level programs who register for TGR are still counted as full-time students for financial assistance purposes.

For more information on living expenses, tuition costs, and financial aid programs, visit https://studentservices.stanford.edu.

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