How Much is Paul Quinn College Online Tuition?

Want to pursue your studies in an online format at Paul Quinn College and wondering how much is Paul Quinn College online tuition? If so, you are on the right page.

We have published the estimated cost of attending Paul Quinn College online classes in the comfort of your own home. So read on to know the total amount to budget for your online lessons.

Paul Quinn College Online Tuition

Paul Quinn College Tuition for the online bachelor’s degree-completion program is only $240.63 per credit hour for a total cost of $14,431.80.

Additional fees include the following:

  • The technology fee is: -$250 for part-time students, $500 for full-time students
  • Plus costs associated with educational resources (e.g., computer, internet)

Note: Upon approval by the school management or in other circumstances that are consistent with board policy, Paul Quinn College reserves the right to raise or modify tuition and fees without prior notice. Such modifications would be applicable to both current students enrolled at Paul Quinn College and new students.

Additionally, all tuition costs and fees could change at any time to reflect any typos. Please take note that fees charged for any period may be changed at a later time.

How Can I Find Out How Much My Tuition Will Be?

  1. Identify which Paul Quinn College degree you want to earn.
  2. Determine whether you are an international student, out-of-state, or in-state resident.
  3. You can also calculate your overall costs by using the school tuition estimator.
  4. Apply for financial aid (About eighty percent of all Paul Quinn College students receive some form of financial aid, which means that only a few students end up paying the full tuition).

For more updated information about Paul Quinn College online tuition and fees, visit https://pqc.edu/online-tuition.

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