Fastest Criminal Justice Degree Online Master’s Program

We have published a list of the fastest criminal justice degree online for master’s programs if you are searching for the best school to obtain your degree faster.

Accelerated Online Master’s Criminal Justice Degrees

All American law enforcement agencies, corrections, and the judicial system are all included in the vast field of criminal justice.

A criminal justice degree can be useful for many roles within these industries, from private investigators to court officials, and parole officers to federal agents.

Criminal justice also has a research and academic component. In order to strengthen the criminal justice system, those in these positions work hard to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of crime and justice.

Due to the demands of the job, those in the field of criminal justice frequently don’t have the time to complete a regular degree.

Professionals looking to better their careers through education can find flexible, practical, and high-quality options with the accelerated online master’s in criminal justice programs ranked here.

Every program listed here is offered by non-profit public and private universities that have received regional accreditation. Below are the fastest criminal justice degree online for master’s programs.

Fastest Criminal Justice Degree Online Master’s Program

1. University of the Cumberlands

The University of the Cumberlands’ online accelerated master’s program in criminal justice can be completed within eighteen months.

Students enroll in classes on family violence, sex crimes: myths and motives, statistical applications in justice administration, human resource management, and criminological theories in justice administration.

2. Wilmington University

While it takes two years to finish this online master’s degree in administration of justice, students who meet certain criteria may be eligible for an accelerated program.

Therapeutic techniques for criminal justice offenders, mental health and the law, violent crime, addiction studies, and contemporary homeland security challenges are just a few of the courses that students will enroll in.

3. Concordia University, Saint Paul

Graduates of this accelerated online master’s program in criminal justice may pursue employment in criminal sociology, forensic psychology, supervision of correctional facilities, criminal profiling, supervision of police and detective operations, and forensic examination.

If you take one seven-week course at a time, you can finish the program in just 21 months. If you take two courses at once, it will take you half that long.

4. Colorado State University Global Campus

Graduates of the online master’s in criminal justice program at Colorado State University have moved on to work as forensic investigators, loss prevention agents, legal investigators, private investigators, and detective sergeants.

Finance, human resources, accounting, fraud management, information technology, business intelligence, and international management specialties are available through this curriculum.

5. Missouri State University

Ambitious students who wish to finish their degrees in 12 to 18 months can accelerate Missouri State’s conventional two-year online master’s in criminology and criminal justice program.

People who have completed this program have landed work in child victim advocacy organizations, county jails, juvenile justice organizations, and homeland security.

6. Faulkner University

If you only take one course at a time, you can finish Faulkner’s accelerated online master of justice administration in 14 months.

Rotations begin every six weeks, and enrollment is available all year long. Courses in justice writing, law and justice, courts, ethics, administration of justice, and comparative criminal justice will be offered to students.

7. Texas A&M University

The Texas A&M at Commerce’s online master of science in applied criminology program offers five-week courses that can be taken one at a time, allowing students to finish the program in approximately 18 months.

This curriculum offers classes in criminal law and the courts, policing and law enforcement, and criminal justice planning and evaluation, among others.

8. Angelo State University

In approximately 18 months, students at Angelo State University can finish the online MS in criminal justice program.

Courses including a critical study of justice administration, the legal features of the criminal justice system, criminal justice theory, and research methodologies in security studies are among those offered to students in this program. Both an 8-week and a 16-week format are used to deliver courses.

9. University of North Alabama

This accelerated online master’s in criminal justice program can be finished in only one year by full-time students. Forensic investigation, current concerns in juvenile justice, criminological theory, psychological aspects of criminal justice practice, and current issues in law enforcement are just a few of the topics covered in the courses that students will study. The program’s 21 optional credits give students a lot of personalization options.

10. Arizona State University

This online master’s in criminal justice can be earned in approximately 18 months by full-time students. Students will enroll in courses including criminal justice planning and program assessment, seminar in criminology, advanced statistical analysis, criminal justice seminar, and research methodologies in criminal justice.

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