Yale University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees 2023-2024 Academic Year

Are you an aspiring student of Yale University seeking detailed information on the estimated living expenses and the total tuition fees for undergraduate students before planning for your enrollment?

If yes, then we have published detailed information regarding the estimated living expenses and the tuition costs for undergraduate degree programs at Yale University.

When a student attends college, there are numerous expenses to take into account, both direct and indirect. A student will require housing and food in addition to tuition.

So when determining the total costs of attending Yale University, remember to add materials and books for classes, transportation fees to and from college, money for toiletries, laundry, and outings with friends to New Haven’s renowned pizzerias.

When determining the estimated cost of attending an academic year, Yale University takes all of these considerations into account. The budget for each session includes both billed and unbilled expenses.

So what does it cost to attend Yale University? How much is the Yale University tuition and fees per academic year? How much is Yale University tuition for international students? How much does it cost to go to Yale University for 4 years?

The figures below provide an estimated cost to attend Yale University for the 2023-2024 academic year. Below is the estimated cost of attendance.

Yale University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

2023–2024 Tuition and Fees Cost
Tuition $62,250
Room $10,500
Board $7,950
TOTAL $80,700

For 2023-2024, Yale College students will also be assessed the optional charges below.

Charge for Cost Deadline to waive
Yale Health
Hospitalization &
Specialty Care Insurance
$2,756 Sept. 15 for full year or fall term
January 31 for spring term
Student Activities Fee $125 5:00 pm Sept. 15
Senior Class Dues $123 5:00 pm Sept. 15

Estimated Cost of Attendance for Eli Whitney students

Tuition for Eli Whitney Students for the 2023–2024 academic year, will be $6,875 per course credit. Estimated costs for books, board, room, and personal expenses are the same as those for the undergraduate standard budget.

2023–2024 Estimated Cost of Attendance for Eli Whitney students
Tuition for 6 credits ($6,875 per credit $41,250
Estimated room $10,500
Estimated board $7,950
Estimated books and personal expenses $3,700
Student Activities Fee $125

For more information on living expenses, tuition costs, and financial aid programs for undergraduates, visit the official school portal at https://student-accounts.yale.edu.

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