Top Online Colleges in Washington

Washington has since 2015 been one of the states in America with the highest number of remote learners and online students. Washington offers the best opportunities for students who are working and are looking for a flexible learning environment and pocket-friendly Institutions.

Are you an intending student searching for the best online school to enroll in? Or are you a graduate looking to further your academic qualifications? This article will give you an insight into the different Colleges in Washington that will best suit your needs.

Below is a list of online colleges that will best suit your needs.

Top Online Colleges in Washington

1. Peninsula College

Peninsula College is located in Washington. It is a public university that offers online undergraduate programs using Canvas which allows the students to access their lessons, submit their assignments and join class discussions with their mobile.

The college confers bachelor’s degrees in professional courses like emergency management, homeland security, and multimedia communication.

Washington College has over 2000 students enrolled, and the education system is well-rounded with the completion of internships in companies of the student’s choice. Yearly tuition for Washington College is estimated at $6,658.

2. Central Washington University

Central Washington University was established in 1890 in Ellensburg originally as a training school for teachers. CWU has almost 12,000 enrollees currently. Learning opportunities for remote learners are provided through Blackboard where they can access their lessons and join class discussions.

Courses for online learners include special education, school psychology, and athletic administration. Requirements for enrollment differ by course and program. There is also an opportunity for enrollees to win scholarships. Yearly tuition is estimated at $14,124.

3. Western Washington University

Western Washington University located in Bellingham, Washington has over 16,000 enrollees every year. WWU provides online classes for remote learners using canvas, the lessons are self-paced and synchronous. There are options for students whose intention is to earn a degree fully online and tuition per year for students is estimated at $16,117.

4. Gonzaga University.

Gonzaga University has about seven colleges and has over 7,500 students enrolled in the colleges. Gonzaga provides opportunities for long-distance/remote learners through Blackboard, the institution also has seven master’s program which is run entirely online.

Graduate applicants need to have a minimum of 3.0 and also submit their transcripts alongside two references and a personal essay. Tuition is program-based, the Master’s program takes the course of 2 years and six months to complete.

5. Northwest Indian College

Northwest Indian College is an accredited college that has over 2300 students. NWIC offers a wide range of courses that enables remote students to benefit from using Canvas as a means to access their lessons. Students who make use of canvas can access allochronic coursework and can pace their classes. Tuition in NWIC depends on the residency status of the students.

6. City University of Seattle

City University of Seattle is a nonprofit private university, it is located in Washington. It is a small university with a total number of about 2000 enrollees, the university offers online courses.

Students who are interested in studying remotely can obtain bachelor’s degrees in information assurance and cyber security. City University of Seattle confers Master’s Degrees online for courses likeĀ  Accounting, Computer Science, education, etc.

Tuition per year is estimated at $15,264. Requirements for enrollment for graduate programs differ by program, and require a 3.0 GPA minimum however, GPA is not required for incoming undergraduates.

7. University of Washington

Established in 1861, the University of Washington is a public university that has 47,000 enrollees per year. There are various online degrees that learners can access with the help of Canvas and undergraduates can earn degrees in Social Sciences and Early Education remotely also, students are allowed the structure their curriculum to suit their goals and interests.

UW offers courses like construction management, computational linguistics, applied mathematics, and aerospace engineering for graduate students who want to earn their degrees online. Graduate students must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA when in order to be considered and tuition rates of remote learners are calculated based on the program they are enrolled in.

8. Eastern Washington University

Eastern Washington University is a university that offers graduate and undergraduate programs across six colleges. Students can access online learning opportunities through Canvas, including bachelor’s degrees in dental hygiene, interdisciplinary studies, health sciences, and children’s studies.

9. Northwest University

Northwest University is a private institution located in Kirkland. Northwest University supports distance education through Moodle. Online programs include bachelor’s tracks in psychology organizational management and ministry leadership at the graduate level.

Northwest University supports full online master’s degrees in theology, international community development, Bible, and clinical mental health counseling.

This 39-credit curriculum allows learners to pick a public safety administration concentration or project management course. The university also confers a master of business administration program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

10. Washington State University

Washington State University is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the state, it was established in 1890. Many students of Washington State University engage in online learning facilitated by Blackboard, the college has over 30,000 enrollees.

WSU offers courses such as anthropology, sociology, hospitality business management, and integrated strategic communication. Distance learners can also enroll bachelor of data analytics program fully online.

The University makes use of a curriculum that synthesizes computer science, and statistics to help candidates to develop the skills needed to evaluate complex data sets and apply the findings of their studies to drive business decision-making.

Graduate students can obtain online master’s programs in molecular biosciences, software engineering, promotion, health communication, and agriculture.

Graduate agriculture students can pursue a wide range of interests like horticulture, crop and soil sciences, and plant pathology. Candidates may also choose to pursue management concentration and food science, which enables them to prepare for leadership positions in the food distribution and processing industry. Applicants with interest in the agriculture program need to submit a bachelor of science degree with a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

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