The Best Art Degree Jobs in Today’s Economy

In the last few years, businesses around the world have lost huge sums of money due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The after-effects of the worldwide lockdown have hit a lot of corporations and businesses making them either shut down or retrench employees.


The people most affected by this crisis are the people with arts degrees, even employment opportunities have also been in trickles for arts degree graduates. Even freelance opportunities are hard to come by these days, graduates of arts have had to venture into other sectors in order to make ends meet.

It has been estimated by Americans for the Arts that arts and cultural non-profit organizations lost about $14.8 billion in 2021, and just two years after, these cooperations have not been able to recover from the loss. The performing and fine arts industry have taken most of the brunt of this economic issue, and they are still fighting to recover.

How Valuable are arts degrees in the Job Market currently?

Job opportunities for arts graduates depend solely on their majors and the skills that they have. It also depends on how prestigious the school an arts degree holder graduated from is, graduates from Ivy League colleges are more likely to find jobs quicker than the rest.


There are so many perks to being an arts graduate but the world’s current economy has had a lot of effects on the arts sector. All hope is not lost as there several independent opportunities an arts graduate can venture into.

Best Jobs for Arts Graduates Today

Some creative/art jobs have fared better than others despite the negative impact that the Covid-19 pandemic had on the industry. Now let’s take a look at some of the best jobs for arts graduates in the market today.

Marketing and public relations


This is an excellent track for graduates who are more interested in public relations, communications, advertising, or design to delve into. The marketing sector is booming currently and there are easier ways to market using the internet as leverage.

A lot of today’s advertising is done using the internet to help marketers, designers, and agents to complete their projects faster and with more ease. Collaborations can also be done from a distance using the internet as a  means of communication.

Job Median Salary Job Growth Rate (2019-29) Job Loss Rate (Apr-July 2020)
Advertising and Promotions Manager $135,900 6% 2.9%
Art Director $94,220 -2% 1.8%
Public Relations Specialist $61,150 7% 2.5%
Advertising Sales Agent $53,310 -6% 1.7%

Communication and writing

The creative industry has experienced a job loss rate of 6.7% but despite this, some areas like technical writing and editing are continuously expanding/growing.

The available jobs under this track, however, have a low job loss rate, which makes it one of the top choices for arts graduate job seekers.

Job Median Salary Job Growth Rate (2019-29) Job Loss Rate (Apr-July 2020)
Technical Writer $72,850 7% 0.7% (all other comm jobs)
Editor $61,370 -7% 2.0%
Translator $51,830 20% 0.7% (all other comm jobs)
Architecture and DesignThis sector had about a 13.2% total loss rate, but the architecture and fashion design sector was not largely affected by this.

One of the reasons is that designers can choose to work from home as most of the workload is completed on the computer.

Job Median Salary Job Growth Rate (2019-29) Job Loss Rate (Apr-July 2020)
Architect $80,750 1% 1.6%
Fashion Designer $73,790 -4% 2.5%*
Game Designer $66,000 4% 1.1% (all other designers)
Graphic Designer $52,110 -4% 3.3%

5 Suggestions To Help Arts Graduate In Job Seeking

1. Join online groups for Arts GraduatesOne of the features that have been birthed due to the digital age is online communities and groups. Joining groups on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and specific industry platforms, etc can connect graduates to connect with working professionals and employers.

2. Sign Up With Job Boards and DirectoriesAnother great way for art graduates and students to keep themselves abreast of the latest in the industry is through Job boards and directories.

These tools will help graduates to narrow their search down to part-time, full-time, or remote positions in their field of specialization. AIGA, ART JOBS, and Alliance of Artists Communities are the most popular job boards for professional creatives.

3. Social Media ExposureSocial Media is a tool that can help arts graduates gain exposure to their work. Examples of these social media are LinkedIn and Instagram, these platforms help to give creatives the visibility they need to boost their career.

4. Connect with other Professionals in the same fieldConnecting with other professionals/creatives helps graduates to gain employment faster. Building a relationship with others in the same field who have jobs already keeps the graduates abreast of available employment opportunities.

5. Take Gigs OnlineGetting a job that is unrelated to your field will help sustain you while searching for opportunities in your field of specialization. Remote work despite the nationwide shutdown of opportunities remains one of the most dependable sources of income.

Giving your work exposure through the use of the internet affords you the opportunity to earn money online. Sites like Fiverr and Esty are largely used by artists to market their services.

The Future of Art Careers in the Post-COVID-19 Economy

Due to the economic recession caused by the  Covid-9 pandemic, a lot of employment prospects have dwindled especially in the arts sector. This issue has caused a lot of corporations in the design, marketing, and advertising sector to downsize and retrench employees or move online totally.

Remote jobs have become more popular post-Covid-19 and might become a permanent feature. Remote jobs are also more suited for jobs in the arts sector like entertainment, media, sports, and design. Workers in this sector are allowed to create products and services in the comfort of their homes.

Michael Spring, Director of Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs Link said this about the fate of career post-covid.

“Careers will continue to evolve as life and technology progress, requiring professionals ‘on stage’ and behind the scenes to be experts in … diversifying delivery systems for conveying entertainment to the public.”

Other fields in the arts sector like music and acting still depend on one on one meetings and connections in order for results to be delivered, so they have still affected by the pandemic. Streaming performances through pay-per-view services is one of the inventive ways that have been devised to help the acting and music sector. This method might in the long run become one of the most sought-after methods of selling their crafts.

In as much as many corporations in the art world remain affected by the Covid-19 economic downturn, the steps taken by these corporations to showcase and sell their crafts will undoubtedly reshape how creatives work.


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