Best Nursing Schools in Colorado

Colorado as of 2021 had a total population of 5.812 million people, and there are about 100 hospitals and healthcare centers in Colorado. With this number of hospitals, there will always be a demand for nurses and health practitioners.

Nursing and healthcare-related courses are very intricate courses and require intense training and instructions. As such, the quality of education that a person who intends to go into that field obtains is of utmost importance.

If you want to be successful in your nursing career, then choosing the best college should be a top priority for you. Keep reading this article to get insight into which of the colleges in Alabama is the best to study nursing.

You can also refer friends to this article as it promises to be very helpful in your search for the best universities to study Nursing.

Best Nursing Schools in Colorado

Below are carefully curated fully accredited colleges that we hope might suit your needs. Note that these colleges are not ranked in a specific order as the needs of each person might differ.

1. Colorado Technical University – Colorado Springs

Colorado Technical University – Colorado Springs is a large private university established for profit. It is located in the city of Colorado Springs, the college also ranks 326th out of 2,241 best colleges nationwide. This ranking means that Colorado Technical University – Colorado Springs is a great choice if you choose to study there.

Great education comes at a great cost, Colorado Technical University costs about $24,143. A great percentage of freshmen receive discounts on their tuition same with students from low-income homes, and students who live in Colorado.

2. Colorado State University-Pueblo

Colorado State University-Pueblo is a public university located in Pueblo, the student population is not so large. One of the majors offered at Colorado State University in nursing. Attending CSUP costs about $15,322 to $33,235 yearly. There is also a graduate nursing program made available for graduate students.

CSUP offers financial aid to students who come from low-income homes. Freshmen and Students living in Colorado get about a 40% discount on their tuition.

3. Colorado Mesa University

Colorado Mesa University, a fairly populated public college located in Grand Junction ranks 28th out of 34 best colleges in Colorado State. It costs about $15,644 to $38,073 to attend Colorado Mesa University yearly.

Students living in Colorado, are offered a discount of 60.9% off tuition and fees by the university. Also, about 78% of freshmen receive financial aid, totaling about $6,482. Students from low-income families also receive about $8,880 in financial aid during their first year at Colorado Mesa University.

4. Denver College of Nursing

Denver College is one of the best nursing schools in the nation, in fact, any student looking to pursue a degree in nursing should definitely check it out. It is a for-profit private institution with a relatively small student population. The college is solely focused on nursing and other medical courses.

The cost of tuition for undergraduate students at Denver College of Nursing is $58,651 which is on the high side. However, students are provided with financial aid.

5. Trinidad State Junior College

This compilation would be incomplete Trinidad State Junior College did not make an appearance. It is a public college with a small student population located in Trinidad. One of the major courses offered at Trinidad Junior College s nursing, and their nursing program is one of the best in Colorado.

Attending Trinidad State Junior College costs about $10,802 to $22,325 yearly. Students living in Colorado enjoy a discount of 37.1% off their tuition and fees. Freshmen also receive financial aid as well as students from low-income homes.

6. Aspen University

Aspen University is a for-profit private university located in Denver, Colorado. This university is one of the top colleges in Colorado state, with high ratings. Aspen University has less than 3000 students enrolled as it is a small private university.

Aspen University offers a lot of popular major courses including Nursing. Some courses are offered online, and students can pursue their degrees online without having to visit the campus for classes. Aspen’s nursing courses have been ranked 35 out of 762 best nursing colleges in America.

The good news about this college is that it is very affordable to attend as it costs just $11,779 to attend yearly.

7. Regis University

Regis University is a Jesuit Catholic university located in Denver, it would be impossible to omit this school from this list as it offers excellent education. It is a nonprofit private university with a medium population of enrollees from all over the nation.

Regis University ranks 640th out of 2,241 best colleges in the united states. It is worth repeating that Regis University offers excellent education in nursing and other courses they offer.

8. University of Colorado – Denver/Anschutz

University of Colorado – Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus is hard to ignore when it comes to listing the top colleges for nursing in Colorado. CU is a very largely populated public university situated in Denver, it ranks 511th out of 2,241 best colleges in the U.S.A.

UC – Anschutz has graduated more than 200 nursing students in recent years. Graduates of nursing from this college tend to earn considerably higher than graduates from other universities in the same field.

9. University of Northern Colorado

Choosing to study at this institution is the best choice for students who want to pursue a career in Nursing. Located in Greely, the University of Northern Colorado is a largely populated public institution. University ranks 679th out of 2,241 best colleges in the United States.

10. University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

A largely populated University, the University of Colorado Springs offers one of the best quality education in Nursing.

The university ranks 815th out of 2,241 best colleges nationwide, this is evidence that the University of Colorado is a good school to pursue a nursing degree in.

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