Top Liberal Arts Colleges in Boston

The ranking of the best liberal arts colleges in Boston, Massachusetts is the result of a careful examination of admissions, academic, financial, and student life statistics from the U.S. Department of Education, as well as millions of reviews from current and former students and faculty.

Which Liberal Arts Colleges Are in the Boston Area?

One of the main goals of students interested in attending a liberal arts institution close to Boston is earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Depending on the institution, undergraduate degrees include a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science. Students then choose a concentration area from a wide range of options, including sociology, communication, religion, art, history, and mathematics.

Numerous programs provide or require students to complete an internship or group project. A four-year, private school in the area offers a variety of master’s degree programs that interested individuals can select from. A bachelor’s degree, a CV, an essay, an interview, and letters of recommendation are required for admission.

Find out more about liberal arts colleges in the Boston area including the degrees and specialization options below.

Liberal Arts Education

A liberal arts education is a type of education that focuses on natural science, social science, humanities, and formal science. Providing a well-rounded educational experience is the main goal of a liberal arts education.

In universities, research is frequently the main priority, and graduate students frequently serve as instructors. However, student-teacher interaction is given more weight in liberal arts colleges.

As a result, there are more opportunities for teachers to interact with and mentor students while teaching classes. Additionally, it results in more effective teacher-student ratios and fewer class sizes.

There are worries that, in today’s career-focused atmosphere, a liberal arts degree may be too broad. However, data indicates that graduates of liberal arts programs do well in the workforce. In fact, a few years after graduation, they are demonstrating higher job/income possibilities in comparison to other students.

The liberal arts colleges in the Boston area are highly renowned. In fact, the Boston area is home to more than 15 liberal arts colleges. In addition, there are other colleges and universities that don’t often qualify as liberal arts colleges but nonetheless provide undergraduate liberal arts education.

Numerous institutions also offer specialized liberal arts degrees, ranging from associate to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. These courses incorporate some of the components of a liberal arts education even if they are not standard liberal arts courses.

Below is the list of liberal art colleges in the Boston area.

Liberal Arts Colleges in Boston

  1. Endicott College
  2. Curry College
  3. Merrimack College
  4. Wellesley College
  5. Emmanuel College
  6. Lasell College
  7. Gordon College
  8. Regis College
  9. Amherst College
  10. Eastern Nazarene College
  11. Wheelock College
  12. Newbury College
  13. Pine Manor College
  14. Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

Liberal Arts Education in Boston

The following are Boston colleges and universities having undergraduate liberal arts programs or with a large number of liberal arts majors. There are all four-year colleges and universities.

  1. Boston Unversity
  2. Harvard University
  3. Northeastern University
  4. University of Massachusetts
  5. Boston College
  6. Bridgewater State University
  7. Tufts University
  8. Salem State University
  9. Suffolk University
  10. Framingham State University
  11. Brandeis University
  12. Lesley University

Liberal Arts Education in Boston – Two Year Colleges

Below are two-year colleges in the Boston area with liberal arts majors awarding associate degrees.

  1. Quincy College
  2. Urban College of Boston
  3. Bunker Hill Community College
  4. North Shore Community College
  5. Northern Essex Community College
  6. Massachusetts Bay Community College
  7. Roxbury Community College

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