Online Colleges that Accept Transfer Credits

If you are interested in transferring your credit to an online college, here is a list of online colleges that accept transfer credits. This list features online colleges that offer easy and simple transfer policies.
Students transfer to colleges and universities for various reasons. They may want to change majors and another school has a better program, or they may decide that they want to complete a degree they previously started but didn’t finish, or they may want to leave an on-campus program and enter an online option.

Transferring from one college to another isn’t always an easy task. Every college/university has its own policies when it comes to accepting credits, recognizing degrees, or counting their prerequisites.


The good news is that transferring between colleges has become increasingly popular and common, especially for students who are making the transition from a traditional campus to an online college.

In most online colleges the transfer process is simple in order to accommodate the growing population of aspiring transfer students.

If you are currently enrolled in an on-campus program and would like to transfer to an online college sometime later, there are a lot of online colleges that accept transfer credits. This article will give you more insight into online colleges that accept transfer credits and their course offerings.


Online Colleges that Accept Transfer Credits

1. Arizona State University Campus Immersion

Arizona State University Online is recommendable for a lot of reasons which include its innovative programs, national rankings, and commitment to students’ success.

More than 41,000 undergraduate students attend Arizona State University Online.

In addition to the large academic offerings the school offers, the school also has a generous acceptance of 64 semester hours and ease of transfer. Over 72% of Arizona State University students are transfer students from other schools with Associate Degrees or at least 12 credit hours of post-secondary studies.


The school has a four-step transfer process, and prospective students are provided with an enrollment coach to help them. These coaches help prospective with their FAFSA for financial aid consideration; prospective students can also take advantage of the MyPath2ASU™, which automatically evaluates courses for transfer.

2. California State University-Fullerton

California State University-Fullerton offers a degree completion program in Business Administration, Sociology, Humanities, and Social Science. These programs are offered through the school’s Extention and International Programs of the Professional Development department.

As a degree completion program lower-division students are not allowed to transfer but only upper-division students are allowed to.

Transferring lower-division coursework from an accredited school requires a prospective student to have a minimum of 60 transferrable semester hours. They are also required to have a minimum 2.0 GPA.

30 hours out of the 60 hours required need to be in general education courses with at least a “C” grade. California State University-Fullerton requires “The Golden Four” courses in oral and written communication, critical thinking courses, and math/quantitative reasoning.

3. University of Florida

The University of Florida Online is one of the best online colleges, its undergraduate degrees are well-recognized nationally. The college offers 19 undergraduate programs in diverse areas like Nursing, Health Education, Fire and Emergency Services, Sport Management, Criminology, etc.

The University of Florida accepts both lower and upper-division transfer students, provided they meet the admission requirements. For the Lower-division; transfer students need 12-59 transferrable credits.

For the upper-division, transfer students have at least 60 credit hours, and if they have a bachelor’s degree, they are considered a Second Bachelor’s degree student and need a minimum 2.0 GPA to be considered, however, certain majors may have additional requirements.

This college’s online program is one of the nation’s most affordable online programs costing about $129-$552 per credit hour. Prospective students should inquire about financial aid eligibility and how to receive assistance at UF Online. Nontraditional students, military veterans, active duty, or active Florida National Guard may qualify for the Free Seat Program.

4. University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida offers 20+ undergraduate online degrees including English, History, Criminal Justice, Social Services, Health Services Administration, Health Informatics, etc. Three of the most popular online programs offered at this college are Nursing, Anthropology, and Psychology.

These programs are perfect for students transferring from a two-year, accredited institution.

The University of Central Florida is dedicated to churning out successful graduates hence the simple transfer requirements. Students who have 12 credit hours from an accredited post-secondary institution, can apply as transfer students.

The University of Central Florida in a bid to make transfer to the as school flawless as possible provides transfer students with a Success Coach who guides them through the process. UCF has a rolling application for transfer students and notifies them when all required documents are received and reviewed.

5. Florida International University

Florida International University is one of the best online schools for transfer students who want to complete their education. Students can enroll in one of the online undergraduate programs offered at FIU, this college holds national recognition for its online bachelor’s (and graduate) programs.

Prospective students can earn a BA or BS in Business Administration, computer technology, Psychology, Health Services, and Marketing. FIU also has an online RN to BSN degree available.

Prospective transfer students need at least 60 credit hours of lower-division undergraduate studies from a regionally accredited school, as with other transfer programs. Students who have an Associate Degree from a Florida college automatically meet transfer requirements.

An Associate Degree from an accredited institution from a non-Florida school may need prerequisites to complete. Students who have less than 60 transfer credits, will probably have courses they need to complete for admission.

6. University of Houston

The University of Houston was established in 1927, and the University of Houston has over time become one of Texas’ Tier top schools. The college has since 1953 been offering quality distance education programs.

The college offers undergraduate degrees in various majors in one of 11 online programs. UH, offers BA and BS degrees in Business Administration, Psychology, and Nursing (RN to BSN). This college like other colleges and universities, requires 120 credit hours for degree completion.

This school offers a stress-free transfer process and accepts course credits from several colleges and universities throughout the country. The college requires a maximum of 66 credit hours of lower-division courses for transfer (there’s no credit limit for upper-division credits) from regionally accredited colleges or universities.

Transfer students can use the Transfer Credit Estimator to determine which courses will apply to their degree of choice. Transfer requires an application (either the ApplyTexas or Common Application) and academic transcripts.

7. University of Maryland Global Campus

The University of Maryland has been offering worldwide distance education opportunities for over 70 years. Given the history, it is obvious that the University of Maryland Global Campus has a flexible and extensive transfer policy.

UMGC offers degrees in 44 disciplines such as Health Services Management, Finance, Marketing, History, Psychology, Homeland Security, Web and Digital Design, etc.

The University of Maryland accepts up to 45-90 credit hours of transfer credits from accredited schools, as well as military experience and training, and professional experience. Transfer students must provide academic transcripts and at least a 2.0 GPA.

Credits can also be awarded for vocational and technical education. Transfer students should ensure to explore the Dual Enrollment and Reverse Transfer options for UMGC’s community college alliance.

8. University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The University of North Carolina has an 88% acceptance of transfer credits, students interested in a transfer should look at the online bachelor’s degrees offered at the University of North Carolina Greensboro Online.

In addition to being a transfer-friendly school, UNC-G Online offers over 11 online degrees including RN to BSN, Accounting, Human Development, Public Health Education, Peace and Conflict Studies, etc.

Students who have 24 credit hours from an accredited college or university or from placement tests of fewer than 24 credits will be considered Transfer Freshmen. UNC-G  provides a dedicated team of transfer experts (Transfer Advising Specialists) who are tasked with the review of academic transcripts and determining their UNC-G equivalent.

9. Liberty University

Liberty University is a Virginia university that was founded in 1971 by Reverand Jerry Falwell as an evangelical liberal arts institution. Today, Liberty University has multiple accreditations for its programs.

The school offers online bachelor’s in Elementary Education, Social Work, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Information Technology, etc. Online programs offered at this college are flexible and taught by professors with professional experience in their subjects.

Liberty University has a generous 75% transfer of course credits, the college offers special consideration for experience in the military, on-the-job training, or other training for transfer credit.

The school has a helpful online transfer credit calculator that gives students an idea of how many hours they may be able to transfer.

10. University of North Texas

The University of North Texas offers online degree studies in Information Sciences, Criminal Justice, General Business, Rehabilitation Studies, etc., you can earn your BA or BS from the University of North Texas Online (UNT).

The transfer process to UNT is relatively easy and can be done predominately online. Transfer students can transfer up to 44 credits and students who earned credits from another accredited school but don’t hold a four-year degree, they can make an admission application as a transfer student.


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