What to Avoid in a Medical School Personal Statement

Are you an aspiring medical student? Are you completing your medical school application? Are you looking for guidance on what to avoid in a medical school personal statement? This article contains guidelines on what to avoid in a medical school personal statement.

Medical school personal statements are limited to two pages, so figuring out what to write your personal statement might be a tad difficult. Whatever you put down on your personal statement should be both unique and interesting.

This article will guide you on what to avoid in a medical school personal statement, we do hope that you learn a thing or two from this write-up.

What to Avoid in a Medical School Personal Statement

There are six things one should make sure to avoid while writing a medical personal statement.

1. Showing Off

While writing a personal statement, avoid oversharing; do not feel the need the regale the examiner with tales of your medical achievements, or that of your family.

Do not forget that the people who will read this personal statement are people who are in the medical field and have several qualifications to their credit.

2. Bragging

It is easy to get carried away while writing a personal statement, avoid bragging and bringing up made-up scenarios to make yourself look like a hero. Also, avoid exaggerating stories so as not to be perceived as an overachiever by the examiners.

Judges may think you are pretentious if you write about achievements that undermine your colleagues. It is important to reflect on your ability to be a team player while writing your personal statement, bragging about your achievements might undermine your colleagues and make the judges think you are not a team player.

Your essay should be concise and straight to the point, there is no need to use poetic language. Make sure to use a vocabulary that you are familiar with so that you will not misuse words.

3. Avoid portraying yourself as an Underachiever

It is true that is not cool to spend the two pages space given to brag about your achievements so as not to be tagged an overachiever; it is also not advisable to downplay your abilities as this might make the judges perceive you as an underachiever.

Make sure to mention significant achievements so as to impress the judges, and avoid portraying yourself as an underdog. Medical school as we all know is competitive and the judges are looking for bright students, if you paint yourself as a student who is not all that bright, you may not be accepted.

4. Avoid Repetition

While stating your numerous achievements is important, you should also avoid repeating what you have already mentioned in your personal statement. Your personal statement is not a resume or a cover letter, the personal statement is an opportunity to tell them unique things about yourself that will make them consider you.
5. Avoid Clichés
The main purpose of writing a good personal statement is to make a lasting impression on the admission committee; making use of cliches will make your personal statement forgettable. Your personal statement has to be unique, so you need to avoid overusing sentiments in your statement.
While saying that you have always dreamed of studying medicine since childhood is nice, you also have to understand that every other applicant is likely to use that same statement so it has become cliche. Focus more on the reason you want to pursue it as a career.

6. Avoid Writing Carelessly

Do not be in a hurry to finish/submit your personal statement; take some time to proofread your personal statement. Proofread your personal statement multiple times in order to fish out typos and errors; if your essay is riddled with mistakes, the commitment may think you are careless and do not pay attention to minute details.

You have to keep the fact that medical school is very competitive at the back of your mind while writing your personal essay. Leaving your essay riddled with avoidable typos will give the impression that you aren’t serious.

7. Incriminating Adventures

It is not a bad idea to use your adventures to express how dedicated and resilient about studying medicine; in fact, it is an excellent idea. However, these adventures should be devoid of criminal activities, these sorts of adventures are best left unmentioned as these could put you in a bad light.

8. Low MCAT or GPA Scores

If you are an aspiring medical student who has a low GPA or a low MCAT score, your personal statement is not an avenue to make excuses for your inability to get a high score or a high GPA. Things like this make the examiners think that you cannot hold yourself accountable for your actions.

Don’t use your personal statement to provide excuses for low MCAT scores or a low GPA. While you may talk about adversity that created obstacles in your med school journey, excuses will only make you seem like you can’t take accountability for your actions.


Writing a Medical School Personal Statement is such a hard task to do once you are conversant with What To Avoid in a Medical School Personal Statement.

Do not forget that your personal statement is an opportunity to give the judges an insight into your kind of person and the values that you hold; so it is important that you take your time to perfect your personal statement.

Make sure that your personal statement captures your essence, if you proofread your personal statement and it is not reflective, you may have to rewrite your personal statement. It is also advisable to write your personal statement early enough to avoid rushing over it.

Dear aspiring medical students, we hope that after this long read, you have been able to pick a few points to help/guide you in writing your medical school personal statement. Good luck.

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