Vanderbilt University Tuition and Fees 2023-2024

Want to know how much it costs to attend Vanderbilt University? Pursuing an undergraduate or a graduate degree program at Vanderbilt University is not expensive. Read on to know the total amount to budget yearly for your tuition and other expenses.

If you want to pursue a degree at Vanderbilt University, then we have published the total cost of attending Vanderbilt University for one academic year. These estimated figures will help you to know what to budget before planning for your enrollment.

So what does it cost to attend this prestigious University? The table below provides an estimated cost of attending Vanderbilt University for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Vanderbilt University Tuition and Fees 2023-2024

On-Campus Or Off-Campus

Tuition $58,130
Housing $12,720
Food $7,142
Books and Supplies $1,194
Student Services Fee $1,480
Student Health Fee $738
Personal Expenses $3,008
Transportation Varies



First Year Fee $943
Transcript Fee (one-time payment) $100
Blair Technology Equipment Fee (Freshmen Music Majors) $564
Engineering Fee & Laptop Allowance (Engineering Freshmen only) $2,700
Engineering Fee (Engineering Upperclass only) $1,100
Residential College Fee (Upperclass: Warren and Moore, E. Bronson Ingram, Zeppos Hall) $794
9-month estimates of  indirect costs
VU Student Services Fee $582 Recreation / Wellness Center and other University services and activities
Law School Programming Fee $700 Student programming, technology, professional development, and co-curricular engagement
One time transcript fee $100 All VU students are assessed a one-time lifetime transcript fee during their first semester. Vanderbilt University only issues official transcripts.
Student Health Fee $738 Expanded access to student health care and wellness resources, including Telehealthcare options, focusing on mental and physical health, nutrition, and sleep. Enhanced satellite services with multiple care locations across campus.
Books / Supplies $1,700 $1,700 for 1L students; $500 for 2L & 3L students
Housing $12,910  $1,434.44 per month. Studio or shared multi-bedroom typically less.
Meals $6,562 $729.11 per month.
Personal and miscellaneous / Health $5,614 For personal expenses not itemized elsewhere. Includes allowance for Personal and Miscellaneous ($332.88 per month) and Health Insurance ($290.92 per month).
Transportation $1,526
Loan fees $1,656 Average loan fees incurred by similarly classified borrowers during the previous academic year. $0 for non-borrowers.
Total of estimated indirect costs $32,088 As a practical matter, students indirect costs will differ based on personal choices and circumstances. A first-year student may borrow any amount for indirect costs, as needed, up to the amount at left. Due to the lesser estimate for books, as above, a second- or third-year student may borrow up to $30,787

For more information on living expenses, tuition costs, and financial aid programs for undergraduate and graduate students as well as how to pay your fees, visit the official school portal at www.vanderbilt.edu

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