Michigan State University Undergraduate Programs

Michigan State University offers over 200 undergraduate, certificate, and graduate degree programs across its seventeen degree-granting colleges.

Michigan State University is also proud to offer over 100 minors to help students customize their degrees. So you have the option of either choosing a minor or opt-in for a major and other academic opportunities based on your career interest area.

Listed below are the undergraduate degrees offered by Michigan State University. So if you want to pursue your undergraduate program at Michigan State University, the below are the available programs you can enroll in.

Michigan State University Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Minors

Minor in Actuarial Science (MNUN)
Minor in Advertising Analytics (MNUN)
Minor in African American and African Studies (MNUN)
Minor in African Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Agribusiness Management (MNUN)
Minor in Agronomy (MNUN)
Minor in American Indian and Indigenous Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Animation and Comics Storytelling in Media (MNUN)
Minor in Anthropology (MNUN)
Minor in Applied Development in International Agriculture and Natural Resources (MNUN)
Minor in Arabic (MNUN)
Minor in Art History and Visual Culture (MNUN)
Minor in Art Photography (MNUN)
Minor in Arts and Cultural Management (MNUN)
Minor in Asian Pacific American Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Asian Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Beverage Science and Technology (MNUN)
Minor in Bioethics (MNUN)
Minor in Broadcast Journalism (MNUN)
Minor in Business (MNUN)
Minor in Chicano/Latino Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Chinese (MNUN)
Minor in Cities: Environment, Design, and Society (MNUN)
Minor in Classical and Ancient Mediterranean Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Climate Science (MNUN)
Minor in Coaching (MNUN)
Minor in Cognitive Science (MNUN)
Minor in Comic Art and Graphic Novels (MNUN)
Minor in Communicative Sciences and Disorders (MNUN)
Minor in Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering (MNUN)
Minor in Computer Science (MNUN)
Minor in Conservation, Recreation and Environmental Enforcement (MNUN)
Minor in Creative Writing (MNUN)
Minor in Dance (MNUN)
Minor in Data Science (MNUN)
Minor in Defense Studies and Leadership (MNUN)
Minor in Digital Cultural Heritage and History (MNUN)
Minor in Digital Humanities (MNUN)
Minor in Documentary Production (MNUN)
Minor in Economics (MNUN)
Minor in Educational Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Energy (MNUN)
Minor in Entomology (MNUN)
Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MNUN)
Minor in Environment and Health (MNUN)
Minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Environmental Economics (MNUN)
Minor in Environmental Social Science (MNUN)
Minor in European Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Fiction Filmmaking (MNUN)
Minor in Film Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Financial Planning and Wealth Management (MNUN)
Minor in Food Industry Management (MNUN)
Minor in Food Processing and Technology (MNUN)
Minor in Forestry (MNUN)
Minor in Forestry Field Applications (MNUN)
Minor in French (MNUN)
Minor in Game Design and Development (MNUN)
Minor in Geographic Information Science (MNUN)
Minor in Geography (MNUN)
Minor in German (MNUN)
Minor in Global Public Health and Epidemiology (MNUN)
Minor in Global Studies in Social Science (MNUN)
Minor in Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities (MNUN)
Minor in Graphic Design (MNUN)
Minor in Health Promotion (MNUN)
Minor in History (MNUN)
Minor in History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science (MNUN)
Minor in Horticulture (MNUN)
Minor in Human Behavior and Social Services (MNUN)
Minor in Indian and South Asian Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Information and Communication Technology and Development (MNUN)
Minor in Information Technology (MNUN)
Minor in Insurance and Risk Management (MNUN)
Minor in International Business (MNUN)
Minor in International Development (MNUN)
Minor in Italian (MNUN)
Minor in Japanese (MNUN)
Minor in Jazz Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Jewish Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Korean (MNUN)
Minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Law, Justice and Public Policy (MNUN)
Minor in Leadership in Integrated Learning (MNUN)
Minor in Leadership of Organizations (MNUN)
Minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Sexuality Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Linguistics (MNUN)
Minor in Marine Ecosystem Management (MNUN)
Minor in Materials Science and Engineering (MNUN)
Minor in Mathematics (MNUN)
Minor in Media Photography (MNUN)
Minor in Migration Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Museum Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Music (MNUN)
Minor in Musical Theatre (MNUN)
Minor in Muslim Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Peace and Justice Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Pharmacology and Toxicology (MNUN)
Minor in Philosophy (MNUN)
Minor in Philosophy and Law (MNUN)
Minor in Piano Pedagogy (MNUN)
Minor in Plant, Animal and Microbial Biotechnology (MNUN)
Minor in Political Economy (MNUN)
Minor in Popular Culture Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Portuguese (MNUN)
Minor in Public Relations (MNUN)
Minor in Race and Ethnicity in the United States (MNUN)
Minor in Real Estate (MNUN)
Minor in Religious Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Resource Management from the Individual, Family, and Societal Perspective (MNUN)
Minor in Russian (MNUN)
Minor in Russian and Eurasian Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Sales Leadership (MNUN)
Minor in Science, Technology, Environment and Public Policy (MNUN)
Minor in Security Management (MNUN)
Minor in Social Science Quantitative Data Analytics (MNUN)
Minor in Sociology (MNUN)
Minor in Spanish (MNUN)
Minor in Sports Business Management (MNUN)
Minor in Sports Journalism (MNUN)
Minor in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (MNUN)
Minor in Sustainable Bioproducts Science and Technology (MNUN)
Minor in Sustainable Natural Resource Recreation Management (MNUN)
Minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MNUN)
Minor in Technology Systems Management (MNUN)
Minor in Theatre (MNUN)
Minor in Turfgrass Management (MNUN)
Minor in Urban and Community Forestry (MNUN)
Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies (MNUN)
Minor in Writing (MNUN)
Minor in Youth and Society (MNUN)
Preprofessional Program for Veterinary Medicine (NOHN)

Above is the list of Michigan State University courses. You can check the school website at https://msu.edu for further details on the courses offered and the requirements for enrollment.

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