Fastest Accelerated Associate Degrees in 2023

If you are considering earning an associate degree in a matter of months instead of years, you should consider an accelerated degree program. You can earn an associate degree within 6 months online if you have the transfer credits. You can earn an associate degree in an accelerated format in healthcare, business, or education. Let’s explore the fastest accelerated associate degrees in 2023.

Fastest Accelerated Associate Degrees in 2023

The fastest associate degree you can earn depends solely on how many transfer credits you have. You can pursue accelerated degrees in numerous fields. On this list of the fastest accelerated associate degrees in 2023, the programs featured include criminal justice, education, etc.

  1. Accounting
  2. Business Administration
  3. Computer Programming
  4. Computer Science
  5. Criminal Justice
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Early Childhood Education
  8. Education
  9. Entrepreneurship
  10. Fashion Merchandising
  11. Finance
  12. Fire Science
  13. Healthcare Management
  14. Homeland Security
  15. Hospitality Management
  16. Human Resources
  17. Information Technology
  18. Legal Studies
  19. Marketing
  20. Medical Assisting
  21. Medical Coding
  22. Paralegal
  23. Psychology
  24. Small Business
  25. Sociology

1. Online Accounting Associate Degree

In this program, you will study auditing, financial accounting, and taxation. You can go on to pursue careers like bookkeeping, accounting clerk, or auditing clerk with an accounting degree.

The careers mentioned above earned a median annual pay of $45,560 in May 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

If you desire to continue your education after an accelerated associate degree, you can enroll in accounting and finance programs at four-year colleges to become an accountant or financial analyst.

2. Online Business Administration Associate Degree

Business Administration is one of the most popular majors in the U.S. Students enrolled in this program are taught about finance, management, and marketing.

Enrolling in the program is a great way to launch a career as an administrative assistant or support staff. If a student desires to qualify for more roles, he/she can also transfer into a bachelor’s program.

A business administration degree offers foundational courses in multiple fields that enable students to try out different paths.

3. Online Computer Programming Associate Degree

Students enrolled in this program are tutored in computer systems, database management, and programming languages.

After graduation, students can qualify for computer programming jobs or they can work in any field that benefits from programming skills. The roles include data science, cybersecurity, and web design.

Depending on the program students may learn popular languages like JavaScript, SQL, and Python.

4. Online Computer Science Associate Degree

An associate in computer science strengthens programming, network security, and software design skills. Computer skills lead to jobs that pay above-average salaries.

This degree can lead to roles like software tester, computer support specialist, and web developer. According to BLS (May 2021), Web developers earn a median salary of $78,300 per year, which is above the average salary for all jobs of $45,760.

5. Online Criminal Justice Associate Degree

Criminal justice students corrections, criminology, and study law enforcement. You can also become a police officer with an associate degree.

After graduation, students can qualify for roles like police officers, who according to BLS (May 2021), earn a median pay of $66,020 annually. Graduates of this program can also work in the correctional system.

6. Online Digital Marketing Associate Degree

Digital marketing is also a very popular and growing field. Students are taught about social media marketing, customer research, and search engine optimization in the Digital marketing associate degree program.

After graduation, students can work as digital marketing associates, advertising sales agents, and social media specialists. According to BLS (May 2021), careers in marketing and advertising sales earn a median yearly salary of over $52,000.

7. Online Early Childhood Education Associate Degree

In an early childhood education program students learn about social skills, kindergarten readiness, and child development. This program prepares students for careers such as preschool teacher, which pays a median annual salary of $30,210 according to BLS (May 2021).

You can also take up other childcare roles or as a kindergarten aide with an associate degree. An early childhood education bachelor’s degree can assume leadership roles and an associate degree can be a first step in that direction.

8. Online Education Associate Degree

In an associate in education program, students study learning styles, assessment methods, and teaching approaches. Students can gain hands-on experience by completing a practicum or shadowing a teacher.

Students can take up careers as teacher assistants or work in early childhood education with an associate degree.

9. Online Entrepreneurship Associate Degree

Entrepreneurs convert their ideas into businesses, students can learn how to create a business plan and launch a new venture with an online associate degree in entrepreneurship.

After graduating, students can open small businesses. They can also help others to get their businesses off the ground. Students can also gain analytical and leadership skills that help in many business fields.

10. Online Fashion Merchandising Associate Degree

Fashion merchandisers are involved in the buying, selling, and marketing of clothes and other products in the fashion industry. Students with a fashion merchandising degree can work in retail, and sales, or take up different fashion roles.

For instance, merchandise displayers are involved in the planning of the outlook of fashion displays in retail stores and windows. The according to BLS role pays a median annual salary of $32,060.

11. Online Finance Associate Degree

Finance is a fast-paced and exciting field. Students enrolled in an associate degree in finance will learn how to analyze financial statements and evaluate investment strategies.

This degree can lead to careers in accounting clerkship or financial clerkship. Financial clerks made $44,760 annually in May 2021 according to BLS.

12. Online Fire Science Associate Degree

This program is suitable for people who aspire to become firefighters. In an online fire science associate program, students learn about forest fire control, fire safety, and fire prevention.

The degree leads to firefighting careers, which pay a median salary of over $50,000 per year. You can also become a fire inspector with this degree.

13. Online Healthcare Management Associate Degree

Healthcare management professionals work in the nonclinical angle of healthcare. In an associate degree in healthcare management, students learn about healthcare administration, health information management, and health information management, and healthcare finance.

This degree can lead to support roles like a medical assistant or health information technologist. This field pays a median annual salary of over $55,000.

Most management roles in healthcare require a bachelor’s degree, after an accelerated associate degree, you can transfer your credits to a bachelor’s program to continue studying healthcare management.

14. Online Homeland Security Associate Degree

Homeland security is a combination of emergency management and national security. A homeland security associate degree trains students in emergency management response, cybersecurity, and criminal justice.

After graduation, students can go on to pursue careers as police officers, TSA screeners, and border patrol agents. After the accelerated associate program, you can go on to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program to qualify you for more federal law enforcement careers.

15. Online Hospitality Management Associate Degree

Hospitality management covers everything from restaurants to hotels. Students get to learn about food service management, event planning, and tourism management with a hospitality management degree.

The degree prepares students for employment as restaurant managers or lodging managers.  According to BLS, lodging managers made a median annual salary of $59,430 in May 2021.

To work in hospitality,  you need work experience in the industry and an online program can offer flexibility that makes it easier for you to work while earning an accelerated associate degree.

16. Online Human Resources Associate Degree

All industries rely on human resources managers to manage hiring, benefits, and employee relations. In a human resources degree program, you get to learn about recruiting, retention, and talent management.

Students will also study workforce development and organizational change. The degree can qualify graduates of this program for support roles like human resources clerk and office clerk.

Most human resources careers require you to have a bachelor’s degree, you can become a human resources specialist with a bachelor’s degree in the field. Enrolling in an associate in human resources can help you transfer your credit to a four-year college.

17. Online Information Technology Associate Degree

Information Technology associate degrees combine computing and business. You get to study database management, programming languages, and web development, during an information technology degree.

Students can take up entry-level roles like computer support specialists. The computer support specialists positions pay a median salary of $57,910 per year according to BLS, May 2021.

You can also apply your skills to work as a web developer, network administrator, or programmer.

18. Online Legal Studies Associate Degree

In the Legal Studies Associate Degree program, students learn how the legal system works. Students can study legal writing, the court system, and criminal law.

You can work as a paralegal or a legal assistant with a legal studies degree, these support roles pay a median salary of over $56,000 per year according to BLS, May 2021.

A legal studies degree can also lead to careers in law enforcement, the court system, or corrections.

19. Online Marketing Associate Degree

A marketing associate degree requires strong analytical and research skills, students learn how to launch new products, test pricing strategies, and research competitors.

Students can also take classes in advertising or digital marketing. With an associate degree, you can work as an advertising sales agent or take up support roles like marketing assistant.

20. Online Medical Assisting Associate Degree

Medical assisting programs train students in medical terminology, students can also study medical office administration and medical information management.

With an associate in medical assisting, students can qualify for several support roles in healthcare, including medical assistant jobs. Medical assistants can earn a median salary of $37,190 per year.

21. Online Medical Coding Associate Degree

Medical coders are involved in inputting health information and preparing records for insurance reimbursement. With a medical coding degree, students can go on to work as health information technicians, medical records technicians, or medical coders. Medical records specialists make a median salary of $46,660 per year according to BLS, May 2021.

22. Online Paralegal Associate Degree

Paralegals are involved in assisting attorneys by conducting research, filing legal paperwork, and drafting legal documents. Students can prepare for a career as a paralegal with an associate degree in paralegal studies.

The degree prepares students for a paralegal or legal assistant career, these two roles open you to an opportunity to make a median salary exceeding $56,000 per year.

23. Online Psychology Associate Degree

A psychology associate degree explores human behavior and mental health conditions. After graduating from this program that trains you in social psychology, child development, and abnormal psychology courses, you can go on to work in community and social service roles.

Social and human services assistants earn a projected median salary of $37,610 annually according to BLS, May 2021.

24. Online Small Business Associate Degree

In this program, students learn how to run a small business. Students enrolled in this program study leadership, marketing, and finance through the lens of small businesses.

With this degree, you can become a small business owner or take over the management of a small business.

25. Online Sociology Associate Degree

Students enrolled in sociology study human society and culture, they also learn about social movements, criminology, and social inequality.

A sociology degree will develop students’ communication, writing skills, and research skills. They can apply these skills in diverse fields, like social services, business, and human resources.

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