Dartmouth College Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Want to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree program at Dartmouth College? We have published a list of undergraduate majors and graduate programs of study available at Dartmouth College. So read on and explore all the available degree programs.

Dartmouth College of Arts and Sciences consists of over forty academic departments and programs. The top majors among the last graduating students were computer science, biology, engineering sciences, economics, and government.

More than 600 faculty members make up the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which has one of the highest percentages of tenured women in the Ivy League.

Over 75 institutes and centers provide advanced study and research opportunities in fields as diverse as business, engineering, the arts, and medicine. Most of the programs are interdisciplinary and bring students and faculty together to tackle challenging problems.

Graduate programs at Dartmouth College are offered by the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies as well as professional programs at the Tuck School of Business, Thayer School of Engineering, and the Geisel School of Medicine.

Below are the available programs offered in the school.

Dartmouth College Departments and Programs

Arts and Humanities

  • Department of Art History
  • Department of Classics
  • Department of English
  • Department of Film and Media Studies
  • Department of French and Italian
  • Department of German Studies
  • Department of Music
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Religion
  • Department of Russian
  • Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Department of Studio Art
  • Department of Theater

Interdisciplinary Departments and Programs

  • African and African-American Studies Program
  • Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages Program
  • Cognitive Science Program
  • Comparative Literature Program
  • Department of Environmental Studies
  • Institute for Writing and Rhetoric
  • Jewish Studies Program
  • Department of Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies
  • Department of Linguistics
  • Middle Eastern Studies Program
  • Department of Native American Studies and Indigenous Studies
  • Quantitative Social Science Program
  • Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program


  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Earth Sciences
  • Department of Engineering Sciences—Thayer School of Engineering
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Social Sciences

  • Department of Anthropology
  • Department of Economics
  • Education (Minor)
  • Department of Geography
  • Department of Government
  • Department of History
  • Department of Sociology

Dartmouth College Programs

  • African and African American Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Ancient History (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Anthropology (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Art History (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Astronomy (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Biochemistry (PhD)
  • Biological Chemistry (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Biological Sciences (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Biology (PhD)
  • Biomedical Engineering Sciences (Bachelor of Arts)
    Biophysical Chemistry (Bachelor of Arts)
    Business Administration (Master of Business Administration)
    Chemistry (Bachelor of Arts)
    Chemistry (Master of Science)
    Chemistry (PhD)
    Classical Archaeology (Bachelor of Arts)
    Classical Languages and Literatures (Bachelor of Arts)
    Classical Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
    Cognitive Neuroscience (PhD)
    Cognitive Science (Bachelor of Arts)
    Comparative Literature (Bachelor of Arts)
    Comparative Literature (Master of Arts)
    Computer Science (Bachelor of Arts)
    Computer Science (Master of Science)
    Computer Science (PhD)
    Digital Musics (Master of Arts)
    Earth Sciences (Bachelor of Arts)
    Earth Sciences (Master of Science)
    Earth Sciences (PhD)
    Economics (Bachelor of Arts)
    Engineering (Master of Engineering)
    Engineering Management (Master of Engineering Management)
    Engineering Physics (Bachelor of Arts)
    Engineering Sciences (Bachelor of Arts)
    Engineering Sciences (Bachelor of Engineering)
    Engineering Sciences (Master of Science)
    Engineering Sciences (PhD)
    English (Bachelor of Arts)
    Environmental Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
    Experimental and Molecular Medicine (PEMM)
    Film and Media Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
    French (Bachelor of Arts)
    French Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
    Genetics (PhD)
    Geography (Bachelor of Arts)
    German Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
    Government (Bachelor of Arts)
    Health Care Delivery Science (Master of Health Care Delivery Science)
    Health Policy & Clinical Practice (PhD)
    Healthcare Research (Master of Science)
    Hispanic Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
    History (Bachelor of Arts)
    Italian (Bachelor of Arts)
    Italian Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
    Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
    Liberal Studies (Master of Arts in Liberal Studies)
    Linguistics (Bachelor of Arts)
    Mathematics (Bachelor of Arts)
    Mathematics (Master of Arts)
    Mathematics (PhD)
    MD-MS Program in Engineering
    MD-PhD Program in Biomedical Engineering
    Medicine (MD)
    Microbiology and Immunology (PhD)
    Music (Bachelor of Arts)
    Native American Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
    Neuroscience (Bachelor of Arts)
    Philosophy (Bachelor of Arts)
    Physics (Bachelor of Arts)
    Physics and Astronomy (Master of Science)
    Physics and Astronomy (PhD)
    Psychological and Brain Sciences (PhD)
    Psychology (Bachelor of Arts)
    Public Health (Master of Public Health)
    Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (Master of Science in Health Data Science, Epidemiology, or Medical Informatics)
    Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (PhD)
    Quantitative Social Science (Bachelor of Arts)
    Religion (Bachelor of Arts)
    Romance Languages (Bachelor of Arts)
    Romance Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
    Russian (Bachelor of Arts)
    Russian Area Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
    Sociology (Bachelor of Arts)
    Studio Art (Bachelor of Arts)
    Theater (Bachelor of Arts)
    Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies (Bachelor of Arts)

Above is the list of Dartmouth College undergraduate and graduate courses. You can check the school website at https://home.dartmouth.edu for further details on the courses offered and the requirements for enrollment.

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