Cornell University Tuition Fees 2023-2024 Academic Year

The path to college can be overwhelming, whether you are making any last-minute adjustments to your application or just beginning your search. But knowing the available financial aid options and the cost of attendance – shouldn’t be.


The estimated cost of attendance at Cornell University is based on fees, tuition, books, supplies, personal items, dining, and housing for a full-time student attending both spring and fall semesters.

This price varies depending on a number of criteria, such as the undergraduate institution you apply to and where you will be living especially if you live in New York state.

The amount many students will pay each year will be greatly reduced if they apply for financial aid. Cornell grants play a significant role in the financial aid packages.


For first-year students, the average Cornell grant amount ranged from $43,250 to $72,800. Additionally, loans and work-study funds that students earn throughout the academic year are used to lower the overall cost.

The figures below provide an estimated cost to attend Cornell for the 2023-2024 academic year. Below is the estimated cost of attendance.

Cornell University Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

$62,456           Endowed Colleges
$41,958           State Contract Colleges (NY State Resident)
$62,456           State Contract Colleges (Non-NY State Resident)
$310                Student Activity Fee
$434                Health Fee

Books, Supplies, Personal/Miscellaneous

$1,000              Books & Supplies
$2,008              Personal/Miscellaneous

Housing and Dining

$17,088           Living on Campus
$17,088           Off Campus, Living in Ithaca Area Apartment
$5,412             Off Campus, Commuter

Note: The cost for supplies will be slightly higher for Art and Architecture students in the College of Planning, Art, and Architecture as well as students in these majors: Fiber Science and Apparel Design, Design and Environmental Analysis, and Landscape Architecture.

Additional Expenses


Estimated yearly costs associated with transportation to and from campus are assessed by region.

Cornell University Tuition Fees for International Students

Year Semester
Endowed* and Statutory**
(International undergrads in F-1 or J-1 status are not eligible for in-state tuition reduction.)
$62,457 $31,229
Graduate School
Year Semester
Endowed* $29,500 $14,750
Statutory** $20,800 $10,400

*Endowed: AAP, A&S, Engineering, SC Johnson Hotel School, JGSM PhD, Law JSD
**Statutory: CALS, Human Ecology, ILR, CVM PhD

Professional Degrees
Year Semester
JGSM: MBA (2-year program) $74,026 $37,013
JGSM: AMBA (1-year program) $114,632 N/A
LAW: LLM $71,522 N/A
LAW: JD $71,522 $25,094
MEng, MArch $62,456 $31,228
MMH $87,879 N/A
MILR, CIPA $40,888 $20,444

Living Expenses

Undergraduate (9 months) $23,618
Graduate (12 months) $34,086

For more information on living expenses, tuition costs, and financial aid programs, visit the official school portal at


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