Best Online Master’s Degrees in Art History

Are you interested in Arts and its history and would love to get a master’s degree in this discipline? This article contains a list of the best online master’s degree in Art history that will help you determine what college suits your interests.

Online master’s in art history programs vary by college, and core courses depend on the academic concentrations. The most popular concentration tracks include Modern art history, Renaissance art history, and sculpture. Art history programs equip students with research and writing skills to prepare them for an array of careers within the field.

Most art history programs take 1-2 years to complete, students explore traditional coursework and take part in graduate seminars and work on projects with their cohort and instructors. This program is a capstone project so it typically requires degree-seekers to complete an original piece of research of publishable quality.

Prospective students are required to hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in an art-related field, they are also required to submit a completed application along with official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.

Most programs require an undergraduate GPA of around 3.0. If you are interested in this program, keep reading this article to get more insight into the best online masters in art history.

Best Online Master’s Degrees in Art History

1. Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University offers a master of arts in modern art history, theory, and criticism that equips students with the skills to interpret and comment on contemporary works.

Students who graduate from this online art history master’s program possess research skills and aesthetic knowledge for making scholarly field contributions. The program also explores historic characteristics that shape modern art.

This master’s in art history can be earned in two years or less, the program requires students to complete 36 units in asynchronous courses such as methodologies of art history, regional modernism, writing art criticism, and visual culture. Students are also required to complete a thesis and prove literacy in a foreign language.

Additionally, Azusa Pacific University students can explore worldwide art through study abroad programs in the fall, spring, or summer. Students can explore worldwide art in destinations like England, Israel, France, Italy, and Thailand. Students who graduate with this degree can take up positions as museum administrators, teachers, curators, and archivists.

Applicants are required to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA, and they must submit two recommendations, a letter of intent, a resume, and official transcripts.

Once admitted, students are required to complete a two-week virtual orientation before beginning courses. APU’s master’s in art history online holds accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. This program costs about $630 per credit.

2. University of Nebraska at Kearney

The University of Nebraska Kearney offers a master of arts in education in art education with two concentration tracks in classroom education and museum education. Art teachers can pursue the classroom emphasis to learn new teaching concepts and techniques.

The museum’s emphasis is focused on exploring exhibits and programs that connect citizens, artists, and teachers. Students who obtain this master of arts in art history online can take up roles as exhibit designers, art directors, curators, and children’s museum educators.

The program features 36 credits and offers common asynchronous classes that center on art methods for young children, art across the curriculum, cultural studies through art, and modern art history. Students are required to complete a research paper.

Students can transfer nine(9) credits into the program, students who are interested in a credit transfer must hold a bachelor’s in a related field. UNK also offers study abroad and exchange programs in places such as France, Japan, Ireland, Spain, and Australia.

Applicants are required to submit recommendation letters, a resume, and a personal statement. Online students enjoy access to resources from Calvin T. Ryan Library, including articles, e-books, dictionaries, and databases. This program costs about $302 per credit for in-state students and $482 for credit for out-of-state students.

3. Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University offers a master of arts in art history and visual culture through its School of Arts, Media, and Communication. This program examines the techniques and meaning behind masterpieces.

Students are trained to conduct research and present findings on paper and in person as art historians. Lindenwood offers courses abroad, including a Renaissance art and culture course in Florence which is important to art majors,

Lindenwood’s online art history master’s program features 36 credits that can be earned through graduate seminars and research courses, art history electives, and a required thesis or project. The online degree can be completed in two years or can be completed in one year through the fast-track option.

Fast-track students must hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field with a 3.5 GPA ( students with lower GPAs are required to take the GRE); this path also requires foreign language experience.

Prospective students are required to submit GRE scores or hold a minimum 3.0 GPA to enter Lindenwood’s online art history master’s degree program. Other admission requirements include a statement of purpose, recommendation letters, and an interview.

Online students enjoy access to career assistance offered through Focus 2, Resume Maker, and Handshake which help students determine suitable professions, improve application documents, and find open positions. The library also provides online students with access to digital resources. This program costs about $495 per credit.

4. Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University’s master of liberal studies program with an art history concentration builds research and presentation skills and provides students with knowledge of different artistic eras, including medieval, ancient, baroque, and 20th-century artistic movements.

This program can be completed in about two years, however, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in order to. Students can go on to pursue careers as postsecondary educators, curators, and critics.

This master’s in art history online can be earned by completing 31 credit hours in courses such as origins and Implications of the knowledge society, ways of Knowing in comparative perspective, and information literacy.

Students are required to take comprehensive assessments, one of which addresses liberal arts core classes, the other of which focuses on art history. The department makes available online resources, including the liberal arts handbook and a writing style guide, the former offers tips on studying, test-taking, and preparing for graduation.

Applicants are required to have a bachelor’s in studio art or art history. Other admission requirements include 12 undergraduate credits and a writing example in the field. Candidates who do not fit these criteria must obtain special consent to enter this art history master’s program online.

Online learners enjoy access to the library’s digital resources and also benefit from online tutoring through Smarthinking. This program costs about $288 per credit.

5. Northwestern State University – Louisiana

The Northwestern State University of Louisiana offers 40 virtual programs and one of the best online master’s in art history. The 33-credit master of arts in art is focused on exploring artistic pieces and the historic factors that shape them. Learners can focus on concentration tracks such as photography, printmaking, sculpture, painting, illustration, and ceramics.

Students are required to complete a graduate seminar, research courses, a thesis exhibition, and a comprehensive exam. This master of arts in history online degree requires students to take part in on-campus residency for one semester or two summer experiences; summer residencies last three weeks each.

This college provides online students access to career resources, including videos on professional wardrobes and interviews, as well as 24-hour crisis assistance and advice on mental wellness.

Applicants to this art history program are required to submit GRE scores and recommendation forms. They can also apply for graduate assistantships and department scholarships. This art history program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. This program costs about $475 per credit.

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