Best Online Community Colleges in Arizona

Are you currently searching for the best online community colleges in Arizona? If you are planning to earn a certificate or an associate degree online, then you will discover great options on our list of top online community colleges in Arizona.

Tuition at each of the schools is less than $7,000 per year, with three of the schools costing less than $3,000 annually. Below is the list of the best online community colleges in Arizona.

Best Online Community Colleges in Arizona

1. Cochise County Community College District

Online associate degree and certificate programs are available from Cochise County Community College District in more than a dozen different fields. Online enrollment at this school includes more than 2,500 distance learners.

Synchronous instruction is used to deliver courses, which have set start and end dates, homework assignments, and weekly assignments.

Among the several online community colleges in Arizona, Cochise is one that provides a wide range of adult education and GED programs, continuing education courses, and K–12 community outreach activities.

All public four-year universities in Arizona as well as several out-of-state institutions accept earned credits without any issues. Strong partnerships with regional and national companies, which provide co-op and internship opportunities in a number of well-known industries in the area, are something that Cochise takes great pride in.

All students acquire the technological skills, critical thinking, and essential communication required for professional success upon earning a degree.

2. Yavapai College

Yavapai provides a variety of online choices, such as certificates in general education and associate of applied science degrees in automotive technology. Almost all prospective distance learners can find something to enjoy at Yavapai.

To its student community, the college provides a sizable variety of appealing benefits. On-campus resources and amenities, such as Richard Marcusen Sculpture Garden, the performing arts center, and an art gallery, are available to prospective students who are interested in the fine and performing arts.

Yavapai provides a variety of financial assistance options, such as need-based and merit-based scholarships together with tribal scholarships for American citizens.

3. Phoenix College

Eight certifications and three associate degrees are available online from Phoenix College. For some majors, hybrid courses also provide an option. Canvas is used to distribute course material.

To establish their level of readiness for these online programs, prospective students may take the online aptitude exam available on the Phoenix College website.

Phoenix College also provides helpful tools for students getting ready for the workforce or graduates looking for jobs through a professional services department.

This institution is one of many online community schools in Arizona that offers financial help in the form of federal work-study programs, loans, grants, and scholarships.

4. Pima Community College

Online Associate of Arts and Associate of Applied Science degrees are both offered by Pima Community College in a range of specializations.

In addition, they provide four online post-degree certifications and ten conventional online certificates. The community college offers courses with session lengths ranging from five weeks to the standard 16 weeks.

Although certain alternatives are accessible in a self-paced configuration, the majority of online courses are set up in the conventional synchronous format.

5. Eastern Arizona College

Three Associate of Applied Science degrees are available online through Eastern Arizona College: an AAS in General Technical Studies, an AAS in Business, and an AAS in Administrative Professional.

The community college also provides seven certificate options, an associate of general studies, and an associate of arts in the administration of justice.

The WebStudy system hosts all online classes, and distance learners have access to internet resources like the Khan Academy.

6. Rio Salado College

Students can choose from a large variety of online program options at Rio Salado College, including Associate in Applied Science degrees, post-baccalaureate certifications, completion certificates, academic certificates, and teaching endorsements.

The RioLearn internal learning management system is used to deliver all of the community college’s online courses, some of which demand proctored exams. Library resources, counseling services, and online tutoring are also available 24 hours a day.

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