Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Program in Business Administration

Even though the business world of today is undergoing constant change, one thing remains constant: the demand for business administrators.

Business executives need to be knowledgeable about the latest technological developments if they are to effectively streamline current office procedures.

You can acquire the knowledge necessary to land the job you want in any field that interests you by pursuing an online bachelor’s degree program in business administration.

One of the most flexible degrees a student can pursue is a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Most likely, you will explore topics in business law, marketing principles, economics, leadership, and management as well as accounting and business statistics.

Your skills can be put to use in a variety of positions, including those in general and operations management, human resources, advertising and promotions management, banking, and marketing coordination, to mention a few.

In this article, we have listed the best online bachelor’s in business administration programs for you to choose from.

The programs listed below are designed with working professionals in mind and are all offered in flexible forms that can be done online, so you won’t have to disrupt your schedule to advance your business administration qualifications.

Below are the top online bachelor’s in business administration degree programs.

Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Program in Business Administration

1. University of Florida

The University of Florida provides two options for online bachelor’s degrees in business administration: a BA and a BS. Both programs, which are provided by the Warrington College of Business, contain fundamental business courses such as International Management, Business Finance, Statistics for Business Decisions, and Operations and Supply Chain Management.

The BA option also offers eight distinct specialization options, including, for example, sport management, sociology, anthropology, and mass communication.

Students who successfully finish their online business administration bachelor’s degree programs can pursue professions as market research analysts, personal financial counselors, labor relations experts, and more.

2. West Texas A & M University

Through its esteemed Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business, West Texas A&M University provides a flexible online bachelor’s in business administration degree.

Five alternative major options are available to program participants: marketing, management, general business, finance, and law and economics.

The featured courses include Employment Law, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation, Production and Operations Management, and Statistics in Business and Economics.

West Texas A&M Students have the option of finishing their BBA program online or through a blended learning program.

3. Purdue University

One of the most customizable online BBA programs is provided by Purdue University. More than a dozen different concentration options are available in the curriculum including Financial Analysis, Sales Management, Real Estate, Procurement, Investment, and New Media/Internet Marketing.

Business Process Management, Small Business Management, Global Business, and Business Math and Statistical Measures are important prerequisites for the courses.

Also necessary are capstone and internship projects. The institution offers an expedited bachelor’s/MBA program for students who want to get a master’s degree. This online bachelor’s in business administration option is fairly versatile, but having multiple start dates each year makes it much more convenient.

4. Eastern Oregon University

Five concentrations are available in Eastern Oregon University’s flexible online bachelor of business administration program: Global Food Systems and Agribusiness; Accounting; Marketing; General Business; and Leadership, Organization, and Management.

Core courses including Principles of Finance, Information Management, Business Data Processing, and Operations Management are required of enrolled students.

Students will also enroll in courses related to their selected emphasis, such as Legal Issues for Leaders, Marketing Research, and International Business Principles.

5. Pennsylvania State University

A thorough online BS in business administration is available from Penn State University, with six possibilities for specialization in health services, financial services, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, and accounting, as well as a personalized option.

Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making, International Business Operations, Strategic Business Planning, and Contemporary Skills for the Business Professional are just a few of the courses offered for the major.

This online bachelor’s in business administration program’s graduates earn the same diploma as its on-campus counterparts.

6. Fort Hays State University

The Fort Hays State University’s online BBA program offers specializations in operations management, human resource management, and entrepreneurship.

Students must complete a business core, which consists of main modules such as Organizational Behavior and Development, and Applied Management Skills; Society, Business, and Ethics, as well as electives like Business Policy, Production and Operations Management, and Marketing Principles.

Additionally, they will enroll in elective courses in their concentration of choice, such as Service Operations, Employment Law, Global Human Resources, and Total Quality Management.

Students will find employment as independent business owners, logistics managers, management analysts, operations managers, and more after completing their BBA online programs.

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