Best Online Colleges in New Mexico

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant drop in New Mexico’s economy, the state lost more than 60,000 jobs to the pandemic, but the state’s economy has since then been recording steady recovery.

New Mexico State in a bid to recover its economy to what it used to be has been making strategic investments and crafting innovative solutions in the sectors of tourism, marketing, food preparation and serving, and entertainment. Despite all of this, the cost of living in New Mexico is still below the national average making it one of the most affordable places to live, and school.

New Mexico despite being known for its scenic lands and wide open spaces, is ranked among the least densely populated states in the country, and this means that universities and colleges are not within reach for residents. The distance problem has been salvaged with the invention of online learning, which allows New Mexico residents to attend classes at their convenience.

Online learning is different from on-campus learning in so many aspects, online learning offers convenience and flexibility required by a student who has to juggle work and school. Most of these online classes are offered in an asynchronous format which allows students to take classes on their own schedule, the cost of transportation is also reduced as students do not need to visit campuses.

Below is a list of five of the best online colleges in New Mexico, this includes information on each of the school’s offerings, the online program features, and the rest of their unique features.

Best Online Colleges in New Mexico

1. Western New Mexico University

Western New Mexico University public school located in Silver City is ranked as the top Hispanic-serving institution in New Mexico, and about 50% of the school’s undergraduate students are Hispanic.

The school is ranked as one of the best online colleges in New Mexico, it offers a sizeable selection of bachelor’s, associate, and master’s degrees through remote education.

Most of these programs are fully online, in asynchronous format, and do not requires students to log in at a particular time or visit the campus. The university also offers tutoring, student advisors, and free tech support to distance learners.

WNMU offers an array of online programs at the undergraduate level in disciplines like general business, and secondary education, English, criminal justice. Graduate students can select from degrees offered including business administration, and a customizable program in interdisciplinary studies, nursing, and social work.

WNMU is known for its affordable in-state tuition, it also offers tuition discounts for residents of neighboring states like Texas, Colorado, and Arizona thereby enabling some out-of-state students to pay in-state tuition rates.

2. New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state, with a history dating back to 1888.

The school today is home to more than 12,000 students, it operates a main campus in Las Cruces and thousands more through branch campuses and a significant remote learning program.

Online students can seek degrees at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s levels, they can also choose from hybrid options, combining campus and online courses.

The school offers several degree completion programs, which require students to earn their lower-division credits from another institution.

NMSU offers over 500 online courses and 65 degrees in many popular disciplines, such as electrical engineering, public health, business administration, criminal justice, and family and child sciences.

3. University of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico is ranked as the largest four-year university in the state, it hosts over 26,000 students annually.

University of New Mexico’s online program is ranked as one of the best in the state and its environs. The college’s remote learning program offers programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and certificate levels.

There are over 20 programs offered through the university’s online program including liberal arts, Native American studies, space systems engineering, dental hygiene, and elementary education.

Additionally, the University¬†of New Mexico also hosts several “managed” online programs, which boast an even higher offer level of flexibility.

The school’s online managed programs include graduate tracks and bachelor’s completion programs, with options such as business administration, Chicana and Chicano studies, and construction management.

The UNM’s online programs are taught by the school’s on-campus faculty, and students pay the same fixed tuition rate regardless of their residence.

4. New Mexico Highlands University

New Mexico Highlands University is a public school located in Las Vegas, New Mexico, it also operates regional campuses in Santa Fe, Farmington, and Albuquerque. In addition, this university also operates a distance education program that is open to students from all over the state.

NMHU’s online program is one of the best online colleges in New Mexico, the college offers a large variety of online degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including counseling, special education, health education, nursing, and business administration.

NMHU’s online students benefit from a variety of resources provided by the school, including tutoring, library services, advising, and career services. The school’s writing center offers live tutoring for all types of writing via the Zoom video conferencing platform.

NMHU’s students also enjoy access to tutoring in other academic subjects 24/7 through the NetTutor platform. The school’s library is packed with dedicated resources for distance learners, including tutorials, a comprehensive selection of virtual periodicals, and research assistance.

5. Eastern New Mexico University

ENMU is a public school that is ranked as a major Hispanic-serving institution, over 35% of its students are Hispanic.¬† The college’s online program is ranked as one of the best online colleges in New Mexico.

ENMU’s online learners can choose from a wide selection of fully online degrees offered by the college, including computer science, history, religion, accounting, and aviation science. The course offers more than 30 online courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels,

ENMU’s online programs make use of a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous formats, some courses require students to log on at certain times for live class meetings. Most of the program’s activities occur entirely online, though some may require students to visit campus for select activities, such as presentations or orientation sessions.

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