Best Colleges for Nursing in Michigan

Nursing and other courses in the healthcare sector are very crucial and as such, the quality of education that a person who intends to go into that field obtains is of utmost importance.

Nursing is also currently the most sought-after course of study globally, and there is also a very big market for Nursing graduates. Despite the availability of nursing courses in nearly all universities, our job here is to narrow the list down to the best of the best for you.

If you are an intending nursing student, where you study this course will very likely affect job opportunities after graduation. Keep reading this article to get insight into which of the colleges in Michigan is the best to study nursing.

You can also refer friends to this article as it promises to be very helpful in your search for the best universities to study Nursing.

Best Colleges for Nursing in Michigan

Below is a carefully curated list of the best universities for Nursing in Michigan.

1. Oakland University

Oakland is a public university located in Rochester Hills and ranks 405 out of 2,241 schools in the united states. This ranking goes on to prove that this university is a great choice for students who intend to study nursing. Students who graduate from Oakland university have been said to earn considerably higher than the normal pay in the health sector. See? the university opens one up for great opportunities, you should check them out.

2. Michigan State University

You really have to check Michigan State University out because the university ranks 88 out of 2,241 in the United States. Michigan State University is a very populous public university located in East Lansing Michigan.

In the recent school year, about 227 nursing students have graduated from this university. Being the good university that it is, nursing graduates from Michigan state university earn better pay than graduates from other universities.

Michigan State University costs about $55,154 to attend, but you do not need to worry as there are arrangements put in place to aid students with paying their tuition.

3. Wayne State University

Wayne State University is one of the best universities to study Nursing, the college ranks 464 out of 2,241 universities in the United States of America. WSU boasts of a hands-on learning system with an up-to-date laboratory to aid students in their studies. Admission into Wayne State University is not only based on GPAs and SAT scores but also based the student’s mindset and values. There are financial aid and scholarships put in place to help students. Financial aid and scholarships are given based on merit and need.

4. Madonna University

Founded in the 1930s, Madonna University is a Catholic Private university. It is a small institution with a little over 2000 enrollees. Madonna University has one of the best nursing schools in Michigan. Admission into Madonna University is very competitive as they offer financial aid to their less-than-able students.

5. University of Michigan – Flint

Michigan University- Flint’s nursing department is one of the largest departments in the university. For a department to be that large, it means that the university knows its onions, so why not check it out? The university has a laboratory where the students get a first-hand experience in healthcare. Students obtain financial aid and tuition reduction based on merit.

6. Eastern Michigan University

Eastern State University’s nursing department was established in direct response to a shortage of trained nurses in 2004, this nursing department later turned to Nurse school with time.

Students studying at Eastern Michigan University get to obtain first-hand experience with what they will likely experience in the nursing field with the help of the state-of-the-art laboratory that the college has put in place.

Scholarship schemes are also available for students who cannot afford the cost of the yearly tuition. Scholarships based on students’ high grades are also awarded by the university.

7. Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University has had its nursing department now nursing school since 1963.

The education here focuses on clinical training, and most NMU nurses go on to provide hands-on care in a variety of settings such as hospitals, clinics, home health care agencies, and county agencies. The university has a Nursing Technology Center housing a fully equipped home care suite that allows students to practice nursing care.

Tuition is $15,681 per year, but about 95% of the students may qualify for $9,335 in financial aid.

Kirkhof College of Nursing

Would this article have been complete without mentioning Kirkhof? No! Kirkhof is one of the best colleges of Nursing in Michigan State and the United States as a whole. The college offers high-quality education in addition to experimental training.

Nursing students are trained to handle difficult situations with the help of a state-of-the-art simulation center. Different scenarios are used to prepare the students for any situations that may arise in their places of work after graduation.

The Kirkhof College of Nursing offers over 30 scholarships specifically designated to provide support for student nurses.

9. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The Nursing department of this university was founded in 1891, they initially trained nurses for just two years. It is one of the top colleges for nursing in Michigan and the U.S. If you are looking to not only get trained theoretically but also be equipped practically in the nursing field, then UM is a must-check. WHO (World Health Organization) and PAHO (Pan-American Health Organization) have named this school as a collaborating center for Research and training.

UM, Ann Arbor has two clinical simulation laboratories that have a replica of hospital wards. These simulation centers houses nursing trainers who take the students through the process of providing healthcare in real-life scenarios.

The University of Michigan School of Nursing offers four scholarships specifically for Nursing students.  The nursing school also funds a limited number of merit-based scholarships.

10. University of Detriot

One of the top colleges for nursing in Michigan, UD was founded jointly by Religious Sisters of Mercy and Jesuits in 1877. Despite being a catholic school, admission is extended to students of all religious denominations.

The school has a simulation laboratory that provides students with opportunities to hone their bedside and clinical assessment skills.

Institutional nursing scholarships are made available through Detroit Mercy’s financial aid department. Detroit Mercy has an online portal where students can complete and view transactions related to financial aid.

The list above was carefully curated to give you an insight into each university’s best qualities.  We hope that this article has been of immense help to you in your search for a suitable institution for the pursuit of your nursing career.

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