Top Online colleges in New Jersey

Have you been thinking of completing or furthering your education without having to visit the campus? Or have you been thinking of how to balance work and school without dropping all the other things you are doing? Are you in New Jersey and you are looking to study remotely?

If your answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, continue reading this article. This article will give you an insight into the best online school in New Jersey.

Top Online Colleges in New Jersey.

1. Rowan University

Rowan University has six colleges and they also provide online learning programs for remote learners. Rowan University admits learners who want to complete their Bachelor’s degree, pursue a Master’s, or even a doctorate degree. They offer courses like construction management, Education, and arts administration.

There is a provision for online students to connect with each other through affinity groups and discussion boards. Also, students can have access to the library, information on financial aid, guidance, and writing center support.

Applications for admission are submitted online. The average cost per credit hour for undergraduate students is $400 – $915 for in-state and out-of-state students. Graduate students pay $685 -$852 per credit hour for both instate of out-of-state students.

2. Caldwell University

Caldwell University provides online master’s degree programs in Education, Business, and Accounting, which allows students to pace themselves. The school offers an online course in nursing that is mainly focused on population health.

Caldwell University provides support for online students by providing tutoring, online library services, advising, and financial aid. Caldwell University requires a minimum of a 3.0 GPA for most programs. Nursing students need to have a nursing license. The average cost per credit hour for graduate students is $500-725.

3. Georgian Court University

Georgian Court University is a private non-profit University located in New Jersey. The College offers 36 Bachelor’s degrees with a total number of 2,229 enrollees for the six online courses they offer.

The College runs its online courses in an asynchronous structure. Georgian Court University provides access to academic advising and a virtual library for the enrollees. Graduate students can earn master’s degrees in fields like theology, integrative health, education, and technology.

Admission requires a transcript, an application, and any other document required by the program. Tuition and fees for students are $32,050.

4. Rutgers University – Brunswick

Rutgers University was founded in 1766. It is one of the oldest Universities in the United States and boasts of about 50,000 enrollees. The College offers over 250 graduate programs and 100 undergraduate programs, nine of which are online graduate programs.

RU offers online bachelor’s degrees in labor and employment relations, business administration, and nursing. Master’s degree fields include education, business, social work, and liberal studies.

Remote learners have access to a virtual computer laboratory along with online study groups, academic coaching, and tutoring. Tuition for in-state students is $15,507 and $32,189 for out-of-state students. Applications are submitted online, and requirements for admission are specific to each program.

5. Rider University

Riders College offers courses like education, human services, liberal arts and sciences, arts, and business 100% online. students can partake in group projects, and discussions online.

Rider University supports its students by providing career advising, IT help, and free tutoring. Applications are submitted alongside transcripts, and requirements for graduate students are specific to their program.

6. Kean University

Kean University is a University located in New Jersey that has an online school called Kean Online. The online college offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and certificates in courses like management, accounting, and educational administration. First-year students who have not yet decided on their majors yet can enroll in general studies online.

Students enjoy advising, career services, and 24/7 tutoring provided by the university.  Applicants submit an online application alongside a self-reported academic record.

7. Thomas Edison State University

TESU’s many online programs for degrees and certificates at the undergraduate and graduate levels. TESU offers courses in business, arts and humanities, computer science, engineering, and healthcare.

Students interact through discussion boards and forums. TESU’s Student Success Center offers help with advising, registration, and technology.  Applications are submitted online alongside transcripts, some programs may require additional documents.

8. Seton Hall University

Students who are looking to obtain a degree online will find Seton Hall University very suitable. Seton Hall University is a private college that has about 19 degrees online for both graduate and undergraduate degrees. Seton

 The school provides internship programs and encourages hands-on learning. The school awards accredited degrees upon a student’s completion of their studies. Tuition for both in-state and out-of-state students is estimated at about $41,460.

9. Rutger University – Newark

Rutger University- Newark’s online degree program called RU-N offers bachelor’s degrees in public and non-profit administration and marketing. The university’s online program also offers master’s degrees in courses like supply-chain management, taxation, governmental accounting, and digital marketing.

Master’s students studying public administration can place their focus on financial marketing, budgeting, healthcare administration, non-profit management, and leadership of public organizations.

Distance/online learners can access technology help, tutoring, and library databases. Applications by prospective students are to be submitted online alongside a self-reported academic record.

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