MIT SAT Score Requirement

Are you thinking of studying at the Merchassusute Institute of Technology? Then it becomes necessary to have an idea of what their SAT score is. In this guide, I will discuss with you the required SAT score needed to get admitted into MIT in full detail. At the end of the article, you will also know how to calculate your chances of getting admitted to MIT.  I will also recommend to you the best admission calculator you should use to know your admission possibility.

  • School Location: 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States.
  • Type: Public.
  • Also known As (AKA):¬†Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT Admission Statistics

There are three major things that matter while calculating your admission possibility into any university or college like MIT: SAT or ACT scores, GPA, and MIT Acceptance rate.

Knowing these three things gives you the foresight of your chances of gaining admission into any institution chosen.

For an institute like MIT, the average SAT score required for admission ranges from around 1530 to 1560.

The average SAT score composite at MIT is 1535.

MIT SAT Calculators
MIT SAT Competitiveness Measure

SAT score analysis

To be on the consideration list of admission you are required (recommended) to score an average of 1535 on the new 1600 SAT scale.

The 25th percentile New SAT score is 1,510 while the 75th percentile SAT score is 1,580.

This would mean that having an SAT score that is below the 25th percentile (1510) places you below the average score. But a score of 1580 places you above the average SAT.

Notice that we only recommend that you score within this range. No SAT score guarantees your admission into the school, nor are you required to score any particular number of grades on your SAT, but MIT wants you to score at least 1510.

Below is the breakdown of MIT SAT Admissions statistics for the Class of 2019

S/N Section 25th Percentile 75th Percentile Average Total
1 Maths 790 780 800
2 SAT ERW 745 720 770
3 SAT Composite 1535 1500 1570

The information below is directly from MIT

From the recently updated MIT testing requirement for the 2022/23 application cycle – Those who are applying to the school as either first-year or transfer students in 2023 and beyond.

MIT requires that all new applicant (new or transfer students) should present their SAT or ACT scores.

Applicants are to know that MIT does not require the ACT writing section of the SAT optional essay.

For a better MIT SAT testing preparation and result, you are recommended to use the Khan Academy – MIT official test preparation source. Khan academic is founded by a formal MIT alum, Sal Khan.

Khan Academy allows you to build your practice plan, lets you practice tests, and gives your tips on your tests. It also allows you to take harder exams like AP.

Nonnative English speakers are strongly recommended to provide results of an English proficiency exam if you have been using English for fewer than 5 years or if you do not break English at home or n school. Below are the recommended English proficiency exams acceptable at MIT:

  • Cambridge English Qualifications¬†
  • Duolingo English Exam
  • Pearson Test of English
  • TOEFL.
MIT SAT Requirement
MIT SAT Competitive Scale

Middle 50% Score Range of Admitted Students (25th and 75th percentile)

Test Range
SAT Maths [780, 800]
SAT ERW [730, 780]

Distribution of SAT Scores (Math)

Score Applicants Admitted Applicants Admittance Rate
750-800 11342 1081 10%
700-740 1613 23 1%
650-690 758 0 0%
600-640 312 0 0%
<600 254 0 0%

Distribution of SAT scores (ERW)

750-800 6557 736 11%
700-740 4200 276 7%
650-690 2099 73 3%
600-640 869 12 1%
<600 554 7 1%

SAT Superscores Policy

If at all you have taken the same test (SAT/ACT) multiple times, MIT will consider only the highest score achieve in each section.

Kindly know that you are not required to send your SAT or English proficiency test scores as part of their application.

You only need to self-report your scores on the application, then it will be verified after you have enrolled in the school. Also, you can still update your test results after you have submitted your application.

SAT Testing Deadline

Applicants ate required to have taken their test before November 30 for early action applicants, and 31, December for Regular Action applicants.


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