Marshall University Professional/Doctoral Degree Programs

Want to pursue your doctoral degree program at Marshall University? Many of the physicians, physical therapists, and pharmacists that offer medical care in the area and elsewhere receive their training at Marshall University.

Marshall University PhD programs give students an opportunity for cutting-edge research, exciting classroom experiences, and hands-on activities in both urban and rural environments. Below are the available doctoral and professional degree programs offered by Marshall University.

If the degree program you are interested in is not included in the list below, then check the full list of Marshall University graduate programs.

Marshall University Doctoral Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine, B.S./M.D.
Biomedical Research, M.S.
Biomedical Research, Ph.D.
BS in Biomedical Sciences/PhD in Biomedical Research, B.S./Ph.D.
Business Administration, D.B.A.
Clinical and Translational Science, M.S.
Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.D.
Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.S.
Doctor of Medicine, M.D.
Doctor of Philosophy/Doctor of Medicine, Ph.D/M.D.
Leadership Studies, Ed.D.
Medical Sciences with Research, M.S.
Medical Sciences, M.S.
Nursing Practice, D.N.P.
Pharmacy, Pharm.D.
Physical Therapy, D.P.T.
School Psychology, Ed.S.

Above is the list of Marshall University professional/doctoral degree programs. You can check the school website for further details on the courses offered and the requirements for enrollment.

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