Boise State University Online Degree Programs

For your convenience, Boise State University provides a wide range of online degrees, professional certificates, and classes. Each course is created to assist you in realizing your educational objectives while also affording you the luxuries and prestige of a traditional degree.

With an online master’s degree from Boise State University, you may delve further into your subject of study and acquire information and skills that are valuable to employers.

You establish enduring professional relationships, develop your portfolio, and acquire priceless experience in your study fields while enrolled in a program. Our recognized, reasonably priced, career-focused online master’s degree programs can be completed on your schedule.

Boise State University online bachelor’s degree will help you get access to possibilities and a bright future. The online bachelor’s degree programs at Boise State were designed with online study in mind and provide the same level of support as our conventional degree programs.

A large portion of our online bachelor’s degrees are designed for students who have an Associate of Science or Associate of art degree or sixty or more transferable credits from a regionally approved college. The online degree pathway or a Boise State Online associate degree can get you going if you don’t intend to transfer courses. Below are the available online degree programs.

Boise State University Online Degree Programs


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