Best Nursing Schools in Texas

Nursing is one of the most important careers/courses of study in the world. There has never been a time when this profession has gone out of demand as it involves working hand-in-hand with doctors to save lives. There is a constant need for nurses so choosing to pursue a career in nursing is not a bad choice at all.

The demand for trained professional nurses in Texas has increased in recent years due to two factors: a rapidly aging population and the rise in the number of  Texas residents who are dealing with chronic medical conditions like diabetes, dementia, and obesity.

If you are a potential student who lives in Texas and is interested in pursuing a nursing career, the first step to take is to look for the best colleges that offer nursing in Texas. This article contains a list of all the best nursing schools in Texas to help you in your search.

Best Nursing Schools in Texas

1. University of Texas, Austin

UTX school started its nursing classes in 1960 and expanded the program into a full four-year BSN program in 1969. University of Texas’s school of Nursing offers one of the best nursing degrees in Texas and also the nation at large best in the nation.

The school operates two clinics: Children’s Wellness Center provides primary health care for 3,000 children and families in Del Valle, TX, and A Family Wellness Center which provides more than 10,000 appointments every year to low-income men, women, and children in Austin and Travis Counties.

These two centers combine efforts to provide students with clinical experiences and they are also instrumental to the School of Nursing’s many federally funded research projects.

The nursing school building also houses the  St. David’s Center for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Research in Underserved Populations and the Cain Center for Nursing Research. The school provides a Simulation Lab which is designed in a hospital ward setting complete with hospital beds, IV poles, simulated oxygen and suction, over-bed tables, and other hospital-related equipment to help the students get hands-on experience in nursing.

Nursing students who are qualified are eligible to apply for over 60 endowed scholarships awarded on the basis of merit and need.

2. Baylor University, Dallas

Baylor University’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing was established in 1909 as a diploma program for nurses planning to work at Baylor Hospital in Dallas and in 1952 the School began granting baccalaureate degrees, making it one of the oldest BSN programs in the country. Louise Herrington School of Nursing is a must-check out, as it is one of the best nursing schools in Texas and its environs.

The school of nursing is located in the center of Dallas downtown across the street from the Baylor University Medical Center complex. The school of nursing building boasts a state-of-the-art simulation lab that allows students to attain all levels of expertise in the nursing field.

There is about 60 financial aid program offered by the college specially designed for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Louise Herrington School of Nursing, these scholarships are awarded on a need and merit basis. The state of Texas also offers a Tuition Equalization grant to qualified residents, and students may be eligible for federal Pell and Supplemental Educational Opportunity grants upon completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

3. Texas Christian University, Ft Worth

TCU’s Harris College of Nursing& Health Sciences is a  nursing school in Texas with a high reputation for its top-quality nursing programs.

The college offers unique study abroad courses that give students an up-close and personal look at healthcare practices and policies in countries like Argentina, Chile, and Italy. Despite being open to students of all religious backgrounds, the foundation and philosophy on which Harris College’s teaching is based are Christianity.

The Harris College of nursing building has high-tech simulation labs with spaces designed to emulate med/surgery, labor/delivery, pediatric, ICU, and ER units, this is part of the clinical training students will have the opportunity to experience to help hone their new skills further at hospitals, community agencies, clinics, and schools throughout the greater Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area.
Quite a number of the University’s endowed scholarships are designed especially for the support of nursing students.

4. Texas Woman’s University

Texas Woman’s University is the largest institution of higher learning that focuses mainly on the academic needs of women. The college which was originally established as an all-female institution started admitting men students in 1972.

The university’s nursing school is affiliated with the Center for Global Nursing to provide nursing students with the opportunity to pursue research and other types of collaborative experiences with nursing students from the Netherlands Peru, Korea, and other parts of the world.

There are over 5 0 scholarship schemes made available to nursing students at Texas Woman’s University. Eligible students can apply by creating a Pioneer Portal Account on the university’s website and navigating to the TWU Pioneer Scholarship System.

Students are allowed to apply for scholarships before they are formally accepted/admitted into the university.

5. Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls

Midwestern State University is the only public liberal arts university in TX, and the Wilson School of Nursing uses a variety of teaching methodologies in the nursing education it provides that build upon this liberal arts foundation. Midwestern Wilson School of Nursing at Midwestern State University located in Wichita Falls offers one of the most affordable out-of-state tuition rates in the nation.

Students are taught a holistic approach to nursing care which is focused on identifying the complex psychosocial, physiological, political, and economic factors that often affect an individual’s health status.

The college’s J.S. Bridwell Regional Simulation Center is a 13,000-square-foot facility equipped with an emulation of a hospital environment and lifelike manikins. The Simulation Center is equipped with experienced/professional nurse educators with master’s degrees.
The Wilson School awards several scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. Interested students are required to fill out the online scholarship application. Students are also eligible for needs-based federal and state financial aid; this will be determined by the information contained in the FAFSA submitted by applicants.

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