Best Nursing Schools in California

Nursing and healthcare-related courses are very intricate courses and require intense training and instructions. As such, the quality of education that a person who intends to go into that field obtains is of utmost importance.

Nursing is also currently the most sought-after course of study globally, and there is also always a constant need for Nursing graduates. Despite the availability of nursing courses in nearly all universities, our job here is to narrow the list down to the best for you.

If you want to be successful in your nursing career, then choosing the best college should be a top priority for you. Keep reading this article to get insight into which of the colleges in California is the best to study nursing.

You can also refer friends to this article as it promises to be very helpful in your search for the best universities to study Nursing.

Best Nursing Schools in California

1. University of California – Los Angeles

It is only pertinent that this university makes the top of the list as it is one of the most popular universities in the world. UCLA is not only popular, but it is one of the top colleges to study nursing in California.

University of California – Los Angeles has nursing programs in place for undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate-level students. These programs offered by UCLA are the best in California state.

Good quality education comes at a price these days, so it is no surprise that UCLA’s yearly tuition is a bit on the high side; not to worry, there is financial aid made available to about 73% of the students. After financial aid, it costs about $13,804 to attend UCLA as an instate student, though it is more expensive for out-of-state students.

2. University of California – Sacramento

California State University, Sacramento is one of the top colleges for nursing in California and the U.S. as a whole. The college of Nursing has programs put in place for undergraduates who have never had any experience in the nursing sector. There are also courses for students who are looking to further their studies.

Choosing to study nursing at the University of California, Sacramento will not be a bad decision.

3. San Diego State University

San Diego State University was established in 1897, San Diego State University is a large public university with over 20,000 students enrolled. SDSU has also in the course of time, proven itself to be one of the top public schools in California. . The university’s nursing program is ranked very highly throughout California state and the United States.

The nursing school at SDSU offers Traditional BSN, RN-BSN, MSN, and LVN-RN. Admissions are submitted both online and on campus, SAT scores are not required but high GPAs are highly considered. It cost about $13,192  to attend SDSU.

4. West Coast University – Orange County

West Coast University is one of the top schools to study nursing sciences at. WCU is a relatively small institution with a population count of about 2,500 enrollees.

Out of 762 best colleges for nursing nationwide, WCU ranks 130th, this just further proves that the university is indeed a great choice for anyone who is pursuing a nursing career.

Asides from nursing, West Coast University also offers majors like Dental Hygiene and Hospital Management. It cost about $ $36,554 to attend WCU, the tuition is a bit on the high side but there is financial aid made available to students who do not have the ability to pay the full tuition.

5. California State University- Long Beach

Rated very highly for its quality and standard of education, CSULB is a largely populated institution. CSULB boasts of offering one of the top nursing courses in California State and also the United States. The nursing course is also available online for students who are interested in long-distance learning.

If you choose to pursue your nursing education at CSULB, be rest assured that you will be getting the best. Applications for admission can be submitted online and also in person; a High school GPA is required for consideration.

6. University of San Francisco

UCSF is a non-profit private university, with a relatively large population of enrollees, located in San Francisco, California. The University of San Francisco ranks 15th out of 2,241 schools nationwide. This ranking goes to clear your doubt about this university’s education quality.

The tuition is considerably high; it costs $73,872 to attend without financial aid, but with financial aid, the fee is considerably lower. However, studying at one of the nation’s best nursing schools comes at a great cost.

7. University of California – Irvine

University of California, Irvine is a  large public university located in Irvine. For a school to rank 77th out of 2,241 best schools nationwide means the school offers a stellar standard of education.

You do not need to worry about the education standard at UC-Irvine, what you indeed need to worry about is the tuition as good education comes at a great cost. The full cost of tuition at UC- Irvine is about $65,795 but after financial aid, the fees reduce significantly.

Students who are living in California enjoy a 68.4 percent discount on their tuition, great right? Freshmen and students from low-income families are not left out as they receive financial aid too.

8. California State University- Los Angeles

This list would never have been truly complete if this university failed to make an appearance. CSLULA is one of the top colleges for nursing in California, they offer an impeccable standard of education in the college. Located in Los Angeles, CSULA  Los Angeles is an urban where there are many hospitals where students get hands-on experience in Nursing.

Undergraduate students have many programs to choose from e.g. Traditional BSN, Accelerated BSN, RN-BSN, and ADN-BSN.

9. University of California – Davis

UC Davis is a very largely populated public university located in Davis, California.  UC Davis ranks 57th out of 2,241 top colleges nationwide, so there is no doubt about how good the college is.

It costs a whopping $67,405 to attend UC, Davis, do not be shocked just yet. University of California, Davis also offers financial aid to students who are from low-income homes, Freshmen, and students who live in California, great right? Yea.

10. Western University of Health Sciences

As the name implies, this college is well known for being one of the best nursing colleges in California. WUHS is a private nonprofit institution situated in Pomona, California. Typical of most private universities, WHUS has a relatively small student population.

The college’s specialty is nursing and other health science courses. The college has graduated over 100 nursing students in the recent year. WUHS is a great choice because they also offer financial aid to help students with the cost of tuition and fees.

All colleges in the above compilation are accredited and are also known for the standard they offer. We hope that we have been able to satisfy most, if not all of your curiosities about these colleges.

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