Best Nursing Schools in Alabama

There has never been a time when there wasn’t a need for nurses in the world. In a world where casualties, births, and accidents are very much a part of everyday life, healthcare practitioners will always be needed. So venturing into nursing and other healthcare courses is a very important decision.

Nursing and healthcare-related courses are very intricate courses and require intense training and instructions. As such, the quality of education that a person who intends to go into that field obtains is of utmost importance.

If you want to be successful in your nursing career, then choosing the best college should be a top priority for you. Keep reading this article to get insight into which of the colleges in Alabama is the best to study nursing.

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Best Nursing Schools in Alabama

Below is a carefully compiled list of top nursing schools in Alabama.

1. University North Alabama, Florence

University of Alabama’s College of Nursing is one of Alabama’s top nursing schools. UNAF is committed to training nurses who are well-versed in bedside care and are compassionate with patients.

The college has research laboratories and simulation centers to help the students learn more about real-life situations. Students receive financial aid through the college’s financial aid office. The university is a great place to pursue nursing or any other medically related courses.

2. Spring Hill College

Spring Hill College is a  small Catholic college, it is one of the top nursing schools in Alabama. The college is also one of the oldest institutions in the United States.

Students in the nursing program work at the simulation center and make use and other nursing technology, sharpening their skills as nurses while getting the hands-on practice they need.

3. Auburn University

Auburn University offers one of the best nursing courses, in Alabama State. AU school of nursing houses a simulation center where student nurses hone their skills. If you are looking for a good school to pursue your nursing career, then Auburn University is a great choice.

Auburn University has eight scholarship programs in place for Pre- Nursing students. There is also a financial aid program for students who come from low-income homes and students who live in California. There are also 27 scholarship programs put in place for nursing students who qualify for them.

4. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

University of Alabama’s nursing school is called the Capstone College of Nursing, it was established in  1975 due to a shortage of nurses. The college’s main focus is to churn out compassionate and diligent nurses who can handle different health situations.

Like other nursing schools mentioned, UAT has a Resources Center, a computer laboratory, a simulation lab, and a clinical practice laboratory. There are hospital beds in the simulation laboratory and dummies for practicals. The school provides financial aid for its students based on merit.

5. Birmingham State University

The university’s college of nursing is one of the best nursing schools in Alabama state and the United States as a whole. Birmingham State University offers the best nursing training both on campus and online.

The school offers hands-on training for trainee nurses, to enable them to gain experience in Nursing. You should really consider Birmingham State University in this search for top nursing schools in Alabama.

6. Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville is one of the top colleges in Alabama for nursing sciences. Nursing students studying at Jacksonville have the opportunity to practice skills like vital signs checking, urinary catheterization, wound dressings, IV insertions, etc.

The tuition fees are a bit on the high side but the good news is, the university offers financial aid to less-than-able students. There are also scholarships awarded based on merit to students.

7.  University of Alabama – Birmingham

This university is widely recognized for its strides in the medical sector, it has one of the best nursing schools in Alabama. Like other good institutions for nursing, UAB has up-to-date laboratories and simulation centers to aid learning and give the students a first-hand experience in health care.

UAB school of nursing has over 67 scholarship programs that students who merit them can benefit from. The school is overall a good institution to pursue nursing.

8. The University of Alabama

University of Alabama, Mobile offers good nursing training, and the nursing college is known for training diligent and compassionate nurses. The nursing department was established in 1973 and was later changed to the college of nursing in 1985.

The University of Alabama’s college of nursing houses a simulation center to give students access to hospital equipment and nursing trainers. There are no scholarships put. in place for students at the University of Alabama

9.  Troy University

Troy University’s appearance on this list is not a mere coincidence, it is one of the best places to study nursing in the United States. One of the university’s visions is to turn out nurses to curb the constant shortage of nurses in Alabama.

The college’s simulation laboratory is well-equipped with a computerized mannequin to mimic a woman in labor to aid the students to get a first-hand experience of childbirth.

Troy University has five scholarships for students who merit them. The university also offers need-based financial aid.

10. Samford University

Established in 1922, Samford University’s school of nursing is currently one of the best nursing schools in Alabama. The college’s simulation laboratory is well-equipped with a computerized mannequin to mimic a woman in labor to aid the students to get a first-hand experience of childbirth. Samford is best known for turning exceptionally trained nurses, choosing this school would be a great choice on your part.

The above-named universities are fully accredited, and we hope this compilation has been of immense help to you.

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