Best Community Colleges in Maryland

Are you a resident of Maryland? Do you aspire to enroll in a Community College? Or Are you looking for the best community colleges in Maryland? Is your answer to the above questions in the affirmative? If yes, keep reading this article to gain insight into the top community colleges in Maryland.

Maryland is located along the Eastern Seaboard just a few miles from the District of Columbia. Maryland has about 16 community colleges serving 23 counties. Maryland offers students a large variety of options, individualized attention from instructors, and cost savings.

Maryland’s Health Manpower Shortage Program also offers discounted tuition for students who pursue certain high-need careers. Community college programs in Maryland also offer online classes or in-person classes that can be taken during days, nights, and weekends.

Community Colleges offer flexibility in the sense that most of them offer daycare services for students who are also parents. Graduates of community colleges can go on to opportunities with an associate degree or certificate.

If you do not want to go for the four-year haul, a community college is the best option for you. Let’s look at the best community colleges in Maryland.

Best Community Colleges in Maryland

1. Carroll Community College

Carroll Community College is a two-year college located in Westminster, the college enrolls approximately 11,000 each year. Carroll Community College offers five popular majors including include general studies, business administration, nursing, arts and sciences, and teacher education.

Students can customize their arts and science degree to meet their academic goals by working with an advisor while preparing to transfer to a four-year university. The college offers over 100 courses that can be taken in an online or hybrid format.

CCC also offers involvement opportunities like student organizations like Cru Club, Latinx Club, and Dungeons and Dragons Club; athletics, and concerts.

Prospective students are required to fill out a free online application, complete placement testing, or satisfy college-level course eligibility through other accepted means, such as qualifying ACT/SAT scores or a minimum GPA. The cost of tuition for this college is $4400.

2. Frederick Community College

Frederick Community College enrolls about 15,000 students every year, over 90% of these students are local residents of Frederick County. FCC offers more than 85 degree and certificate options and offers an array of flexible learning options, including evening, weekend, online, and hybrid courses, as well as traditional day classes.

Popular majors offered at the college include STEM, healthcare, general studies, cybersecurity, and business administration. Students can participate in a variety of on and off-campus activities, such as clubs and organizations, community service, events, and field trips.

Prospective students are required to hold a high school diploma or GED certificate, they must fill out an online application, take placement tests, and participate in student orientation. Tuition for this program costs $7250.

3. Harford Community College

Harford Community College is located in Bel Air, the college enrolls about 10,000 students per year. This college is a two-year commuter school that offers affordable academic offerings including more than 80 associate degrees and certificate programs in six departments.

The college provides students with an opportunity to engage in extra-curricular activities like clubs, athletics, and organizations, and local and national volunteerism.

Disciplines offered at this college include business, health professions, STEM, humanities, and social science.

Prospective students can are required to apply online or submit a paper-based application. Other requirements vary according to a student’s status and residence. Tuition for this program costs $7089

4. Hagerstown Community College

Hagerstown Community College was founded in 1946, it is the oldest community college in Maryland. HCC offers more than 100 programs including biotechnology, substance abuse counseling, visual arts, truck driver training, and dental hygiene.

Hagerstown Community College’s courses are offered in online and hybrid formats. Students can participate in intercollegiate athletics and join a variety of student groups, including the Robinwood Players theater club, the Anime Club, and the student government.

Prospective students are required to submit an application and official transcripts. Students must complete a free placement test, they can obtain an exemption based on their GPA, ACT/SAT scores, or prior college experience. Tuition for this program costs $7149

5. Montgomery College

Montgomery College is one of the largest community colleges in Maryland boosting three major campuses with thousands of students.

MC offers associate programs that require students to complete 60 to 70 credits. Students can choose from 126 programs, including world languages, astronomy, construction management, and broadcast media production.

MC offers degrees in a fully online format in technologies, criminal justice, general studies, business, and computer science. The school’s student community boasts more than 130 clubs, cultural groups, and athletics and arts offerings.

Prospective students are required to complete an application, submit official transcripts, and determine placement through testing. Tuition for this program costs $8535.

6. Garrett College

Garrett College located in McHenry offers two academic offerings that are not offered by other community colleges in Maryland: Associate of applied science programs in adventure sports management and natural resources wildlife technology.

Garrett College offers a variety of online and hybrid courses each semester. The college offers 30 other academic offerings available in arts and sciences, business and information technology, teacher education, and health professions.

Prospective students are required to submit a high school diploma or GED certificate, other requirements vary according to a student’s status, but applicants should be prepared to provide official transcripts and test scores. Tuition for this program costs $6843.

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