Best Colleges in California for Forensic Science

Forensic Sciences makes use of applied science to aid criminal investigations. Students are taught crime scene procedures, fingerprinting, report-writing, and examining evidence in the laboratory using a combination of biology and chemistry.

Forensics plays a very vital role in every criminal investigation carried out by the police. We have all seen a few crime investigation movies where the forensics department helped the police make a big break in their investigations.

Becoming a forensic scientist requires intensive training, and your ability to excel in this field depends on it. So the first step in becoming a forensic scientist is finding a college that offers the best instructions for your chosen career.

It must be overwhelming searching for the best colleges for forensic sciences when there are quite a number of universities that in fact offer this course. We have done the bulk work of curating a list of the best colleges for forensic sciences to help you narrow down your search.

If you are living in California, or you intend to study forensic sciences in California, this article is for you.

Best Colleges in California for Forensic Science

1. California State University

California State University is a large public university located in Los Angeles. CSU offers one of the best Forensic Science degree programs in the country. CSU also offers a master of science degree in Criminalistics.

California State University offers a wide overview of forensic science such as forensic microscopy, trace evidence analysis, and crime scene reconstruction.

2. University of San Diego

The University of San Diego offers two Forensic Science degree programs. It is a relatively large nonprofit private university. There are about 8,861 students enrolled at the University of San Diego. It costs about $72,033 to attend the University of San Diego.

3. Fresno Pacific University

Fresno Pacific University is a small private nonprofit university. FPU offers a degree program in Forensic Sciences.

Being a small private university, Fresno Pacific University has a total of 3,995 enrollees.
It costs about $45,595 to attend Fresno Pacific University.

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