Best Colleges in Alabama for Public administration

Are you a student in Alabama who wants to pursue a degree in Public administration? Finding a good college to pursue your dream course should be a top priority as it directly affects your opportunities after graduation. Public administration is a course that is fairly popular in the United States which means you will not have great difficulty in finding colleges that offer the course.

Picking a college to study your dream course is a very important venture, so we have taken the time to curate a number of colleges that offer the best value for your money. This article seeks to broaden your knowledge about top colleges that offer public administration, keep reading this article and you will find that our recommendations will come in handy for the choice you are about to make.

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Best Colleges in Alabama for Public Administration

1. Auburn University

This is one of the best universities in the United States of America. Auburn ranks 131 out of 2241 in the United States. Roughly 107 public administration and social service students graduated from Auburn recently.

The tuition fee of $52,838 is a bit worrying but this fee varies significantly among students. The university offers a discount of 63.1% off tuition and fees to students living in Alabama and also 63.2% of freshmen receive some form of financial aid. Students from low-income families are not left out as they receive an average of $13,196 in aid during their first year.

2. University of Montevallo

This university poses a great choice for students looking to pursue a degree in public administration and social services. Montevallo university is densely populated as it is a small university. Out of 40 Universities, Montevallo University ranks as the 15th best college in Alabama State. Montevallo university offers great employment opportunities to students after graduation. If you are looking for a college that offers quality education, Montevallo University should be your top choice. Financial aid is offered to freshmen, students from low-income families, and students living in Alabama.

3. The University of Alabama – Birmingham

This is an honorable mention, this list would never be complete without mentioning this school. The University of Alabama- Birmingham is an accredited a highly ranked university that offers degrees in public administration both online and on campus. The tuition is capped at about $8,500 per year.

4.  Samford University

If you are looking for the best place to study public administration, then Samford university is a must-check out for you. This university is accredited and offers quality education in public administration and social services. The college is ranked 258 of 2241 best universities in the United States. Since Samford University is a private non-profit establishment, the tuition is a tad bit high but there are programs put in place to help students financially.

5. Troy University

It is very impossible to mention the best Universities for public administration in Alabama without mentioning Troy University. Troy university has a very large student population which is very characteristic of public universities. Out of 40 top colleges in Alabama, Troy ranks 12th on the list. Troy University has had about 76 graduates of public administration in the recent school year. Graduates of Troy University have a better chance of gainful employment in top firms after graduation.

6.  Colombia Southern University

Located in Orange Beach, Alabama, CSU is a relatively large private university that is established for profit. It ranks as one of the best colleges in Alabama that offers Public administration and social services. CSU has boosted quite a number of public administration graduates in the recent years.  As a private university, CSU’s yearly tuition is not that high compared to other private institutions.

7.  Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville State University is a public University located in Jacksonville, Alabama. Out of 40 schools, Jacksonville ranks as the 16th best college in Alabama State. One of the University’s majors is in Pubic administration and social services. Jacksonville’s yearly tuition is at $32,149 but students receive financial aid from the college.

I hope this article has satisfied most if not all of your curiosity about the best colleges for Public administration and social services in Alabama.

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