Best Accelerated Bachelors Degree Online

The best accelerated Bachelor’s degree typically allows students to graduate in less than four years. If you are interested in finding out the best accelerated bachelor’s degree online, keep reading this article. This article contains a list of the best accelerated bachelor’s degrees for you to choose from.

Online degree programs offer the same education as on-campus programs. The only difference is that online degree programs offer flexibility and allows students to learn from the convenience of their homes.

Accelerated programs allow students to graduate considerably faster than their counterparts. These programs require students to take larger courseloads than students enrolled in the normal program.

Accelerated programs offer as many majors as the on-campus programs. If you are interested in this program, keep reading this article.

Best Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Online

A lot of colleges offer online accelerated bachelor’s degree programs in many disciplines such as business, liberal arts, computer science, communication, and healthcare. popular majors that adopt the accelerated path include data analytics, criminal justice, cybersecurity, and nursing.

Below is a list of the best accelerated Bachelor’s Degrees online.

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Communication
  • Computer Science
  • Counseling
  • History
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Liberal Arts
  • Marketing
  • Nursing (BSN)
  • Psychology
  • Public Relations
  • Social Work
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Graphic Design
  • Healthcare Administration

1. Accounting

A bachelor’s degree in accounting prepares students for positions in bookkeeping, accounting, financial analysis, financial management, and auditing. Core course requirements include business accounting, accounting information systems, courses in federal taxation, and law. Students can also continue their education by pursuing certified public accountant licensure.

2. Bachelor’s in Business Administration

The Bachelor’s in Business Administration program teaches students how organizations operate. Most business administration programs offer concentration tracks such as business information technology, healthcare management, and finance. Other concentration options include human resources management and international business. This program prepares students for careers in business leadership, marketing, and finance.

3. Bachelor’s in Communication

A bachelor’s in communication program involves the exploration of communication systems, technologies, and theories. Students can apply their communication expertise in many careers, such as marketing, politics, business, sales, and human resources. Core coursework explores public speaking, organizational communication, and intercultural communication.

4. Bachelor’s in Computer Science

An online accelerated bachelor’s in computer science program usually explores full-stack development, project management, and software security. The most popular career paths for computer science graduates include computer support technician, software engineer, and web developer.

5. Bachelor’s in Counseling

An accelerated bachelor’s degree in counseling studies human behavior, psychology, and case management.

Students’ counseling career opportunities depend on their area of specialization these specializations include such as mental health, school counseling, and substance misuse. After earning the undergraduate degree, students can go on to pursue a master’s degree in counseling to qualify for clinical counseling roles.

6. Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice

An online accelerated bachelor’s degree in criminal justice requires the exploration of coursework in the U.S. correctional system and law enforcement. There are many criminal justice-related fields including cybersecurity, emergency management, and criminology.

7. Bachelor’s in Education

The best online accelerated programs in education prepare students for careers as entry-level teachers. A lot of these entry-level education careers pay more than the U.S. median salary of $45,760, depending on the state of residence.

8. Bachelor’s in Finance

An accelerated degree in finance features a core curriculum in business and finance fundamentals and can prepare students for entry-level jobs in the financial sector.

Students can utilize their online accelerated finance degree to explore careers in financial analysis or management. These careers feature a high entry-level median salary.

9. Bachelor’s in Graphic Design

An online degree in graphic design requires students to complete classes in publication, web design, and motion. Students can work with their career counselors to choose a specialization track.

Entry-level careers pay less than the U.S. median salary of $45,760, however, experienced professionals can earn more than $50,000 per year.

10. Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration

An accelerated online bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration requires students to complete classes in organizational leadership and project management. Healthcare administration features a lot of rewarding career opportunities, such as nursing home administrator and hospital administrator. The average salary for both careers exceeds $90,000.

11. Bachelor’s in History

An online accelerated degree program in history offers a blend of the general education curriculum with coursework in global history, women’s history, and geography.

The accelerated online bachelor’s in history programs prepares students for careers like curators and archivists. Professionals employed in these roles can earn more than $50,000 per year.

12. Bachelor’s in Human Resources

An accelerated bachelor’s degree in Human Resources explores classes in marketing, human behavior, and business fundamentals. The online human resources degree prepares undergraduates for entry-level HR jobs.

Top careers for human resources graduates include human resources managers and specialists.

13. Bachelor’s in Information Technology

The rigorous online information technology programs help students to develop the technical and business skills they require to stand out from other job applicants.

The most lucrative information technology careers include information systems analyst and software developer.

An online bachelor’s degree in IT qualifies students to pursue a variety of computer-related careers that pay more than a median of $75,000 per year.

14. Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts

An online accelerated bachelor’s degree in liberal arts prepares students for many career paths. Some of the career prospects for liberal arts majors include editor, public relations specialist, and working as a technical writer. Technical writers can earn about $78,000 per year.

15. Bachelor’s in Marketing

An accelerated online marketing program requires students to complete courses in business, psychology, and economics. A lot of entry-level marketing careers pay more than the U.S. median salary ($45,760). These career prospects include market research analysts and marketing managers. Market research analysts stand to make a median annual salary of about $63,000.

16. Bachelor’s in Nursing (BSN)

An accelerated bachelor’s degree in nursing typically explores core courses in microbiology, pharmacology, and pathophysiology.

Students are however required to take in-person clinical rotations to complement online coursework. These rotations prepare students for the NCLEX-RN Exam.

Graduates of this program may start careers as registered nurses, a position with a median salary exceeding $77,000 per year.

17. Bachelor’s in Psychology

An online bachelor’s in psychology helps students to develop transferable skills that they can apply to an array of entry-level psychology careers. Some graduates who are interested in earning higher qualifications can go on to pursue a master’s or professional degree in psychology to work in clinical positions.

A licensed psychologist with a doctoral degree can earn more than $80,000 per year (BLS, May 2021).

18. Bachelor’s in Public Relations

An online bachelor’s in public relations prepares students for a career in a range of industries, including business and entertainment. Graduates of this program can assume entry-level roles as public relations specialists and coordinators. Public relations specialists stand to earn a median annual salary of about $62,000.

19. Bachelor’s in Social Work

An accelerated social work degree often requires an in-person internship or practicum. A graduate’s qualification for work as a social worker or substance misuse counselor depends on the student’s state’s licensure requirements. These positions earn a median annual salary of about $48,000 and $50,000, respectively.

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