Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Computer science is one of the sectors with the fastest global growth. As the world transitions to a highly digitized state, there is a demand for educated and skilled individuals in almost every industry imaginable.

An online computer science degree can be a good stepping stone to profitable jobs in designing websites, working with machine learning, writing code, or keeping customers’ personal data safe through network security as the world becomes more and more dependent on digital and network technology.

Many individuals who possess the skills to complete this kind of demanding degree program might not have the financial resources to do so.

However, these six online educational programs provide top-notch education at reasonable costs so that everyone can fulfill their academic aspirations in computer science!

We selected these institutions according to their:

  • Positive student reviews
  • Affordable tuition rate
  • Abundant resources in Computer Science.
  • Quality of coursework in Computer Science
  • Student satisfaction according to retention rates
  • Online availability
  • Administrative assistance
  • Exceptional faculty support

Below, we have listed the cheapest online schools for Bachelor in computer science that satisfy the above requirements.

Affordable Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science Degree Program

1. Eastern New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program. This 120-credit online program is created for potential students interested in increasing their knowledge of computer software.

Examples of the curriculum include Web application and development, Operating Systems, and Introduction to Computer Programming.

Online students at Eastern New Mexico University conduct their studies in both synchronous and asynchronous modes on Canvas.

Also, counseling services, tutoring, and a writing center are available to online students. Three applications are necessary for the program’s acceptance: the ENMU application, the FAFSA, and an admission scholarship application. Additionally, students must submit their official transcripts and ACT/SAT results.

2. Fort Hays State University

Potential students can pursue a 120-credit Bachelor of Science in Computer Science online. The program focuses on information security, digital storage and retrieval, and software.

Computer science fundamentals, object-oriented programming, programming languages, and operating systems are all covered in upper-division courses. Students must also take a three-credit seminar as part of their course requirements.

Synchronous and asynchronous delivery methods are available for online courses. Remote students have access to the Forsyth Library, counseling, the writing center, career services, and tutoring.

Students must provide authentic transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, and an online application (with a cost) in order to be considered.

3. University of the Potomac

The University of the Potomac provides an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program. This 120-credit program examines a variety of subjects, including software algorithms, data analysis, and programming.

Introduction to Wireless Networks and Performance, Mobile Applications Development, and Foundations of Cyber Security are a few of the program’s core courses.

On a learning management system, the University of the Potomac facilitates blended learning, which is provided online (asynchronous and synchronous).

Services for job development and academic counseling are included in online student support. An application, a certification of high school (or equivalent) graduation, and certified transcripts are needed for admission to the program.

4. University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota offers two online bachelor’s degrees in computer science: a 124-credit Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a 138-155-credit Combined Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Computer Science/Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering.

Students in the first program receive a foundational understanding of computer science, while those in the second program advance more quickly.

In order to earn a master’s degree more quickly, students can earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science at the same time.

A minimum cumulative 2.75 GPA and completion of 14 units of high school core courses are requirements for admission.

5. University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin offers a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science online. The curriculum, which consists of 120 credits, includes the most recent programming languages and operating systems.

The program’s objective is to help students in enhancing their analytical and problem-solving abilities. Internet programming, computer security, and database management are some examples of coursework.

The university offers a writing center, disability assistance, online tutoring, and career services to its students. Official transcripts, completion of a college-preparatory program, secondary school records, ACT/SAT scores, and TOEFL scores are needed for admission to the program.

6. Southern New Hampshire University

Prospective students at Southern New Hampshire University can pursue an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with 120 credit hours.

In order to use Java, Python, and C++ programs, prospective students can expect to gain vital computer science skills. There are four concentrations available in the program: software engineering, data analysis, project management for STEM, and information security.

On Brightspace, SNHU’s online students complete their curriculum asynchronously. Online students get access to academic counseling, a library, and disability support. An application and an academic transcript are necessary for admission.

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